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Who is Dakota Johnson dating?

“It’s Us vs. the World!” says the narrator. Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson’s romance has remained a closely guarded secret, but their storey is as sweet as any love song.

Less than two years after his divorce from Gwyneth Paltrow was finalised in July 2016, Us Weekly exclusively confirmed in December 2017 that the Coldplay singer had moved on with the Fifty Shades of Grey star. After a decade of marriage, the exes announced their “conscious uncoupling” in March 2014, after sharing daughter Apple and son Moses.

Who Is Dakota Johnson Dated?

In late 2017, the unlikely couple was seen out together on several occasions before a source told Us that they were “definitely dating” and getting serious. “They’ve spent a lot of time together and are very comfortable with each other,” the source added at the time.  “Chris sends Dakota his music to get her opinion. It’s not just a casual relationship.” Martin was drawn to Johnson’s free spirit, according to a different source at the time. “Chris is a young man at heart, so being with someone younger makes sense,” the insider explained. “It’s no surprise that he dates actresses because he enjoys creative types.” Dakota fits his personality in a variety of ways.”

Much of their relationship was kept private, but the “Fix You” singer and the Texas native had a falling out in the summer of 2019. At the time, rumours circulated that Martin had been seen kissing Dua Lipa at the Glastonbury Festival in the United Kingdom, leading to speculation that he and Johnson had broken up. (Martin’s publicist later denied that the kiss took place.)

The British musician supported Johnson at a handful of press events in August 2019 shortly after reports of their breakup made headlines. All signs pointed to a rekindled romance, with Paltrow playing a key role in their reunification. “Gwyneth was the one who pushed them to do it,” a source told E! News exclusively at the time. “Gwyneth is happy if Chris is happy. “All she wants is for him to be happy.” For her part, the Politician actress married Brad Falchuk in September 2018. Although the two couples get along well, Paltrow has previously admitted that co-parenting with her ex-husband hasn’t always been easy. “Chris and I committed to putting them first, and that’s harder than it looks because some days you really don’t want to be with the person you’re getting divorced from,” the Shakespeare in Love star said in September 2020 on The Drew Barrymore Show. “However, if you’re serious about having a family dinner, you’ll make it happen.” You take a deep breath, look the person in the eyes, recall your pact, smile, hug, and recommit to this new relationship you’re attempting to foster.” Continue reading to learn more about Martin and Johnson’s whirlwind romance.

December 2017

After a romantic getaway to Israel in December 2017, Us exclusively confirmed that the two were “definitely dating.” The two were also seen together in Los Angeles at a sushi restaurant. According to a source, “it’s more than just a fling.”

January 2018

On the red carpet at the National Television Awards, the actress’ father, Don Johnson, joked that her relationship with Martin was “troubling,” before quickly changing his mind. “No, she’s a big girl who knows what she’s doing!”

February 2018

Following the release of photos of Johnson and Martin holding hands at Ellen DeGeneres’ 60th birthday party, fellow partygoer Diana Keaton appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to discuss meeting the Coldplay frontman at the event. “Right, he was with Dakota — they’re a couple.” Got it?” she said. “What I’m trying to say is that he’s absolutely stunning.”

May 2018

While speaking to Us and other reporters at a women’s empowerment event, Johnson’s mother, Melanie Griffith, gave her daughter’s new beau a big thumbs up. “He’s amazing!” She exclaimed. Griffith was overflowing with delight.  “She is very private about her life and I respect that.”

September 2018

During an interview with Tatler, the Suspiria star admitted that she was “very happy” with the “Yellow” crooner, making a rare comment about her romance. Martin was “head over heels,” according to a source, and was already considering marriage, according to Us. The two were seen wearing matching arm tattoos of an infinity symbol with two Xs below it the same month.

September 2018

During an interview with Tatler, the Suspiria star admitted that she was “very happy” with the “Yellow” crooner, making a rare comment about her romance. Martin was “head over heels,” according to a source, and was already considering marriage, according to Us.

October 2018

Despite rumours that she had thrown a sex reveal party at her home, Johnson’s rep told Us that the actress was not pregnant. Johnson’s birthday party was the real reason for the pink and blue balloons.

Johnson went on Ellen later that month to refute the pregnancy rumours once more. “The only thing I’m expecting are a lot of good ideas, but no babies,” she explained.

December 2018

“Chris is head over heels,” a source told Us, predicting the couple would marry “soon.” However, the father of Apple and Moses “wanted to make sure the kids didn’t have too much,” the source added. Paltrow had only been married to Falchuk for three months when

Who is Dakota Johnson dating

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