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Who is Austen Kroll dating?

Austen Kroll was a globetrotter before settling in Charleston permanently and becoming an indispensable part of “Southern Charm” since Season 4. The University of Alabama graduate established his dream company, King’s Calling Brewing Co., and named the product Trop Hop. Each year, it also hosts and organizes the Charleston Wine + Food Festival. Austen is a passionate family guy in addition to being a successful entrepreneur.

The reality star also appears to have a special relationship with his girlfriend. While all other aspects of Austen’s life are relatively stable, her relationship is not! Dating a single mother took its toll on him, and their rollercoaster journey kept viewers hooked on the inevitable drama!

Lindsay Hubbard’s Friendship With Austen Kroll

Summer House & Winter House cast member Lindsay Hubbard seems to be in a really good space as she is in love with her old friend and Summer House castmate Carl Radke. Linds is giving positive vibes to everyone, including Austen Kroll, an old friend band crush.

Manbaby Austen and Linds had a close friendship that lasted for many years. Throughout their friendship, neither seemed to be single at the same time. Fast forward to the premiere of Winter House, when Austen was no longer with Madison Lecroy, and Linds was on her own. She admittedly walked in she had some high hopes for a possible romantic connection with Austen in Vermont. That was not the case. Instead, a love triangle was formed, which did not work out.

The pair flirted, Linds made a cringe-worthy drunk confession that she was in love with her bestie, and Austen shot her down. Manbaby decided to lead on cast member Ciara Miller and eventually blow her off as well, adding salt to the wound. Which is absolutely mind-blowing!

Any man should be thanking the world and boasting to anyone who will listen if stunning Ciara shows interest in them. He found a way to complain about not having gone on a date since before Madison, not being ready for a relationship, and so on. Ciara was too wonderful for Austen.

It didn’t end there, though. Austen appeared on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live and participated in a game that involved choosing either Linds or Ciara. With Lindsay seated in the front row with his sister, and Austen made the hard choice of Ciara. And she chose to end their friendship by unfollowing him on social media.

Linds stated, “He’s always been my best friend.” “I mean, we’ve always kind of done everything together.” He has been in the building for a year. We go to the gym together and go grocery together. It’s because being in the same building is comfortable, and you do a lot of things together.”

Austen Kroll and Madison LeCroy

Fans of Austen Kroll remember, Madison LeCroy, from Season 6, who is Austen Kroll dating. Part of them is happy to see them doing their best to stay together. Their constant bickering and many differences, on the other hand, are clear signs of an unhealthy relationship. In early 2018, the reality star began dating the Charleston hairstylist and developed love feelings for her.

However, their journey together has not been without its difficulties. From accusations of cheating to blowing champagne in the face, they’ve done it all! The pair announced that they had mutually decided to end their relationship at the end of the season. However, they confused everyone when they showed up for the Halloween celebration together. They revealed that they were back together in November 2019 and that they were doing it for a week at a time. 

Austen’s other cast members literally let them down. While Shep Rose was openly critical of their equation, Craig Conover candidly voiced his not-so-high opinion of Austen and Madison’s relationship. His friend, he believes, is to blame for his failure to create an adult decision for himself. Regardless of what others think of them, the pair decides to stay together. Season 7 saw them go through even more difficulties in order to make it work and stay together! 

Austen Kroll and Olivia Flowers

Over the weekend, Austen Kroll and his reported girlfriend, Olivia Flowers, traveled to Napa Valley, Calif., with “Southern Charm” co-star Shep Rose and his girlfriend, Taylor Ann Green. Kroll and Rose were in town to serve as celebrity judges for the HALL Cabernet Cookoff, and they brought their wives along to explore wine country.

Kroll and Flowers initially sparked relationship rumors when they shared heart-shaped pizzas on their Instagram Stories for Valentine’s Day. The Bravolebrity has yet to comment on the relationship theories, but Flowers appears to be friends with many of his other co-stars.

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