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Who is XXXTentacion dating?

A young rapper from Florida named XXXTentacion rose to the top of the charts in just a few short years. Despite not having any full albums, the man was able to win over a sizable following in 2016 with just 3–4 tracks.

In terms of music, XXXTentacion did not follow anyone’s trend and was not a “pure” rapper; instead, the singer went with the flow and daringly blended hip-hop with R&B, alternative rock, or metal.

The rapper’s “hardcore” lifestyle, which included frequent appearances in crime chronicles, greatly contributed to his popularity. Even people who weren’t previously interested in XXXTentacion’s music began talking about the gifted and desperate American once the biography’s final chord—death—was struck.

Childhood and youth

Jacey Duane Onfroy was born in early 1998 on the Atlantic coast, in hot Florida. The future singer’s early years were spent at Pompano Beach. The pompano fish, which was plentiful in the area’s seas, was honored with the name of the 100,000th city.

Jacey’s parents did not provide their son with the proper upbringing, thus the child grew up with no restrictions and no clear morals. African Americans ran into problems from a young age and eventually developed criminal tendencies.

Jasey Dwayne said goodbye to school as a teenager: the teachers could not cope with the conflict and cocky guy and petitioned for expulsion. The staff directed the youngster to the door.

Even the relationships at home weren’t great. The teenager was housed by his own mother after ending himself on the streets. Onfroy Sr. briefly left the prison and then went back for several months because a woman could not handle her son and there was no strong masculine presence and authority in the home. Jasei either lived on the streets or with his grandma.

He supported himself by stealing, dealing narcotics, robbing cars, and having guns. 2014 saw the future rapper being jailed in a children’s colony for grave criminal offenses. Here, the young man rapidly adjusted, made friends, and discovered hip-hop as his primary hobby.

Who is XXXTentacion dating?

Geneva Ayala

Jacey’s relationship with his fiancée was chaotic, just like his everyday life. In many ways, her lover and the dark-skinned beauty Geneva who was the singer’s choice matched each other. She used narcotics and cheated on the rapper, for which she frequently faced beatings from her partner.

The girl was badly beaten by an angry, jealous man again in the fall of 2016, and she made a police report detailing the assault. Geneva informed law enforcement agents that she was expecting a child from the singer, which further complicated the situation.

It was mentioned in her testimony that Onfroy not only used brutal physical assault against the girl but also held her hostage to keep the police from being called. Later, having forgiven the singer XXXTentacion, Geneva tried to withdraw the testimony, but the prosecutor did not believe her. She never became an official wife.


Then Onfroy invented the clever name XXXTentacion. The three-letter prefix referred to the guy’s love of pornography (over time, it was reduced to X). The word “temptation” is what the creative name’s second part in Spanish signifies.

Vice City was the name of the first song to be heard in the colony. Following his release from prison, XXXTentacion used a microphone to record, processed the audio on a laptop, and uploaded two mini-albums to the Internet. In a duet with the rapper Ski Mask, whom he met in the colony, Onfroy took his first steps in the music industry.

Hip-hop fans were stunned by Tentación and Sky Mask’s 2015 release Members Only, which was divided into two parts.

The members of the band $uicideBoy$ saw a gifted and charismatic coworker. XXXTentacion accepted the guys’ offer to become a special guest at concerts as part of the $uicideBoy$ tour in America.

The song “Look At Me” was released by Tentacion before the end of 2015. As a result of the song’s early success and subsequent network renown, the artist’s fan base occasionally grew larger.

In the summer of 2016, XXXTentacion went to jail again. For an armed home invasion and robbery this time. The musician was released after four months, but he was sent back to jail in the fall for beating a pregnant girlfriend.

Thousands of loyal fans made enormous efforts to speed the release of the favorite. In social networks, the hashtag #FreeX first appeared and picked up steam.

Jacey was granted bail and freed from prison in the spring of 2017. The musician believed himself to be at the height of glory as he was released from prison. The rapper became more well-known as a result of his imprisonment because music fans favored his unique performance style, which blended hardcore hip-hop with a “flavor” of heavy metal.

Three new mixtapes by XXXTentacion were released in the same year. Fans may hear their favorite song, Looking For A Star, on the mini-album Revenge.

2017 saw the release of joint albums from Members Only and Ski Mask. Onfroy released his debut studio album, titled “17,” with 11 songs at the end of the summer of 2017.

The album received positive reviews from the public and debuted at number two on the Billboard 200 chart. Jocelyn Flores was appreciated by listeners.

The musician gained worldwide recognition with the song Riot, for which the video was made. For the scene with the hanging white child, the rapper received threats from representatives of the Ku Klux Klan. XXXTentacion modified his appearance in the fall by dying his hair gray and shaving off his eyebrows.

The rapper was attacked by members of the Migos band in November, and Onfroy thrilled fans with a Christmas mini-album in December. The Florida prosecutor questioned the testimony of Onfroy’s girlfriend, who had withdrawn her prior charges, and the man was sent to jail once more in the same month.

Prior to the conclusion of the case, the musician was arrested without posting bail. From January 2018 to March, then to May and July, meetings were postponed.


The eventful life of the musician came to an end with his death. On June 18, 2018, after being freed from prison, XXXTentacion left a Miami motorcycle dealership and got into a car when two unidentified people approached him, one of whom ripped out his bag, and the other of whom shot Jacey multiple times.

The musician died at the age of 20. He was found in a coma and taken to the hospital, where doctors pronounced him dead. It was caused by severe gunshot wounds.

The cops couldn’t figure out who shot the rapper while they were on the run because Onfroy had too many enemies.

The perpetrators left in a dark gray SUV, the police said on Twitter, providing some details about the circumstances behind the man’s death. Investigators believe that the musician was attacked for the purpose of robbery.

Who is XXXTentacion dating

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