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Who is Vanessa Hudgens dating?

Despite the fact that Vanessa Hudgens hasn’t had many romantic relationships in the past, she has managed to spend 14 years of her life in one. Vanessa Hudgen’s dating history suggests she’s a long-term relationship kind of gal, from her five-year romance with Zac Efron to her nine-year partnership with Austin Butler (with one shocking fling in between), and she’s allegedly unmarried for the first time in a long time. Hudgens said in November 2018 to Women’s Health that she doesn’t need a partner, but she enjoys having one. “I am quite self-reliant,” she remarked, “but it’s good to have a close friend with whom you can share wins and defeats.” It’s quite relatable.

Hudgens fueled dating speculations with Lakers power player Kyle Kuzma when they were photographed grabbing dinner together in January 2020, according to TMZ, following her apparent breakup with Butler. After the reported date night, however, little further was heard about the putative new pair, and Hudgens has been romantically single ever since. (Both Kuzma and Hudgens’ representatives have been contacted for comment on the alleged date.) Kuzma’s representative declined to comment, and Hudgens’ representatives did not react.) Aside from that supposed relationship, these are some of Hudgens’ other suitors over the years.

Who Is Vanessa Hudgens Dated?

Zac Efron, 2005-2010

According to Efron’s April 2014 interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Hudgens and Efron initially met in 2005 while auditioning for High School Musical. The two were teamed together to read a scene, and Disney even provided film from their audition so you can see for yourself how well they got along. Though they didn’t go public with their romance until 2006, the couple started dating privately in 2005, as Hudgens acknowledged on The Hollywood Reporter’s Awards Chatter podcast in April 2019, revealing they met at the “very beginning” of HSM.

While filming HSM2 and HSM3, the two continued to date. Hudgens, on the other hand, stated in July 2009 that an engagement was not imminent. “I think [marriage and establishing a family] is wonderful,” she told People. “But I’m so focused on my profession right now that it doesn’t even cross my mind.” The couple’s breakup was announced in December 2010. “It’s not a big deal. There isn’t any involvement from a third party “According to E! News at the time, a source stated. In March 2011, Hudgens told Shape about the breakup, claiming that the relationship “was a good thing,” but that long-distance dating made things too tough. Fans anticipated seeing Efron and Hudgens reunite following her recent rumoured separation, but it appears Efron is already seeing another Vanessa. He and aspiring model Vanessa Valladares allegedly struck it off after meeting at a restaurant in Byron Bay, Australia, and while they haven’t acknowledged their relationship, it appears to be on the up and up. (Elite Daily attempted to contact Valladares and a representative for Efron about the rumoured connection but received no response.)

Josh Hutcherson, 2011

After her breakup with Efron in December 2010, Hudgens began dating actor Josh Hutcherson, whom she met on the set of Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, according to the Daily Mail. Hudgens was said to be “smitten” during an after-party following the opening of her film Beastly in February 2011, according to a source for People. According to the insider, “Their arms were wrapped around each other and they were pretty tactile together.” “They were adorable.” Their split was painfully disclosed during a joint appearance with TODAY in January 2012, while it’s unclear how long they dated. “We’re not…,” Hutcherson responded when asked how long they’d been together. No. At one time, we were together, but she crushed my heart. I’m joking, of course. That was quite some time ago. We’ve simply become pretty good buddies.” Hudgens also appears to be the one who broke up the relationship. Hutcherson mentioned having broken up with in a previous interview with Seventeen in October 2013, and while he didn’t name names, it appeared like he was referring to Hudgens. “I believe that being broken up with is worse than being broken up with,” he stated. “When you’re ready for something to continue and the other person isn’t, it hurts harder for me.” Oof.

Austin Butler, 2011-2020 

Despite the fact that Hudgens met actor Austin Butler while still dating Efron in 2005, the two didn’t ignite dating rumours until September 2011, when they were spotted together at a birthday celebration for their mutual friend Ashley Tisdale’s sister, Jennifer. According to HollywoodLife, an insider said, “It’s not a serious issue at all.” “She enjoys hooking up with him, but no formal relationship has yet blossomed.” The pair made their red carpet debut at the premiere of Journey 2 in February 2012, and they reportedly piled on the PDA at Coachella a few months later.

Hudgens made their relationship IG official in August 2014, after over three years of dating, with a sentimental birthday post for Butler, in which she dubbed him “the joy of [her] life.” During an interview with Entertainment Tonight a year later, she talked about their relationship, stating it was “essential to put that other person first.” Following that, the two began to post more about their relationship on social media. When more than six years of dating, people speculated that the two could be engaged after Hudgens uploaded a photo of herself sporting a diamond on her ring finger in December 2017. Hudgens brushed it off and stated flatly that she was “not engaged.” Over the following two years, she and Butler continued to share loving photos of one other on social media until January 2020, when word of the couple’s rumoured breakup broke… only weeks after Hudgens raved about her romance in a Cosmopolitan UK article. #Awk.

Despite the fact that the two have yet to acknowledge their split, Hudgens did upload an Instagram video on February 14 wishing herself a good Valentine’s Day. I admire a strong woman! (Elite Daily attempted to contact Hudgens and Butler’s representatives about the purported breakup but received no response.)

Who is Vanessa Hudgens dating

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