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Who is Timothée Chalamet dating?

Timothée Chalamet has more Twitter stan accounts than we do daily snacks (and trust us, it’s a lot) because of his enviable bone structure and effortless charm. This may be the cause of people’s intense interest in his romantic relationships, including the women he has dated in the past and possible current partners. What you need to know ranges from his 18-month relationship with Lily Rose Depp to that kiss with Eiza González. In a 2018 interview with W Magazine, the actor was asked about his first date and provided an intriguing response. He replied, “I’m not sure. The date is definitely a frightening word because it establishes the context. You can always see people on early date behaviour.”

Timothee Chalamet dating History

Sarah Talabi, April 2022

This is only on the @Deuxmoi Instagram buzz page! An onlooker sent in a photo of them together along with the unverified claim, “Timothée Chalamet was dancing with and kissing Victoria’s Secret model Sarah Talabi at Coachella,” giving them the heads-up that Timothée had been getting close and personal with model and influencer Sarah Talabi at the festival. In addition, Sarah published her own Instagram Story, stating, “Had the nicest time with the best group of people,” and included her twin sister Leah, a friend, and Chalamet’s account.

The 22-year-old model has since come out to clarify that she did, in fact, spend time with Timothée over the weekend, but she remained mum on whether or not they were dating. Sarah told Page Six, “I was to Coachella this weekend, the Revolve Festival, and a few other private events. “Leah Talabi, my identical twin sister, was also present. That is me in the pictures. All of us were simply chilling out and moving to the music. The best night of my life was that one.” It’s a good question that everyone is asking me if I kissed Timothée Chalamet at Coachella. Asking our international leaders, however, why the Earth is currently losing 1.2 trillion tons of ice a year due to global warming and why efforts to address the climate issue have been wholly ineffectual would be a fantastic question. If we’ve ever seen a deflection, that one is quite spectacular. See who Timmy has previously been associated with below.

Lourdes Leon, 2013

At the age of 17, Chalamet was connected to Lourdes Leon, the daughter of Madonna, whom he allegedly met at LaGuardia High School in New York City. Timothée said he had spoken to Lourdes about his role in Call Me By Your Name in a 2017 interview while remaining relatively mum about their brief affair.

Although she hasn’t seen it yet, she’s eager to, “He informed Andy Cohen. “She makes fun of me for my appearances in public. She is quite enthusiastic about the film itself, and the positive reviews it has received are just wonderful. It reminds me of the surrounding public appearance activities and certain late-night activities I’ve engaged in. I am laughed at.”

Lourdes talked about their relationship in public for the first time in an interview in April 2021. Although she didn’t provide many specifics, she did tell Vanity Fair that “He has my utmost regard; we had a brief romance. my very first partner.”

From October 2018 through April 2020, Lily-Rose Depp

Timmy and Lily-Rose Depp began dating in October 2018 after they collaborated on the Netflix series The King. Around the same time, they were seen kissing in New York, and a source told Us Weekly that “they were extremely fun and friendly with one other.”

They were seen on camera a year later, in September 2019, during the film’s debut at the Venice Film Festival as well as when sharing “that” torrid kiss on a boat in Capri.

Timothée’s appearance in the May 2020 edition of British Vogue, where his relationship status was listed as “single,” revealed the couple’s breakup in April 2020. The same day, Us Weekly also verified the breakup’s rumours, however, it’s not known why they parted ways. When Chalamet opened out to GQ about the kissing pictures in November 2020, what he said is actually rather depressing. “I thought that was one of the nicest days of my life when I went to bed that night.” I was spending the entire day on this boat with someone I truly liked, and as I closed my eyes, I firmly declared, “That was amazing.” Then, upon discovering all of these photographs, feeling humiliated and resembling a true fool.”

January 2020 – Saoirse Ronan (Greta Gerwig wishes)

Saorise and Timothée were paired in the movies Lady Bird in 2017 and Little Women in 2019 by director Greta Gerwig, who later said she tried to set them up. When asked at Vogue’s 73 questions in January 2021 if she is covertly trying to persuade the two to date, she said, “Anyone would want them to date, right? They look fantastic, “while grinning cheekily at the camera. Gerwig revealed to People in the summer of 2019 that the couple “They have an energy between them that is like they become a blaze when they’re together,” the person said. They are both incredibly vibrant, bright, intelligent, and youthful. They combine in a way that resembles combustion.” 

Lily-Rose Depp, March 2021

But hold on! Round two with Lily and Timmy! After they were recently seen together in New York, just a few blocks apart from one another, rumours are circulating that they’re back together. While a store owner admits on Instagram that the actor had purchased Lily a frock from her store, fans tweet to declare they had seen them together. Are they still together?

Late 2021, early 2022

Despite rumours that Timmy and Lily were reuniting, nothing more didn’t appear to come from the couple, and since then, fans have been in the dark regarding his love life.

So, who is Timothée now seeing? It’s uncertain, to be honest, considering the actor recently completed a press tour for Dune and hasn’t been seen walking the red carpet or being pictured with anyone. Therefore, perhaps it’s a secret or perhaps he’s single?

He’s now shooting the Willy Wonka prequel in Oxford, United Kingdom, as of early 2022. Fans have praised him for his chemistry with Jennifer Lawrence in Adam McKay’s Don’t Look Up. If you need a date for anything, we are always here.

Who is Timothee Chalamet dating

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