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Who is Manuel Garcia-Rulfo dating?

The Mexican actor Manuel Garcia Rulfo’s journey was not easy. His inner inspiration alternated between photography, film, and… farming. He had a unique talent and skill that allowed him to make the wonderful movie that fate had planned for him.

Childhood and youth

The first chapter of Manuel Garcia-life Rulfo’s story began on February 25, 1981, in Guadalajara, the city of flowers. His father, a talented nature photographer, gave him an appreciation for the arts. Manuel’s initial filmmaking training came from his grandfather. He loved movies and made home movies on 16mm film.

The future artist grew up on a ranch where he picked up horseback riding skills. Manuel had little interest in acting; instead, he wanted to photograph wildlife and work with National Geographic magazine.

Garcia-Rulfo enrolled at Valle de Atemajac University after completing high school but soon discovered that he was not meant to study public communication.

Manuel’s parents did not immediately encourage him in his goal of becoming an actor, but he had no intention of giving up. He moved to the United States of America after passing the New York Film Academy entrance tests. Manuel also developed his abilities at Larry Moss’ acting studio under his guidance.

Who is Manuel Garcia-Rulfo dating?

Because of his fame as an actor, many people are interested in learning more about Rulfo’s life. The Mexican actor, though, doesn’t provide a lot of information about his relationships or personal life.

Garcia-Rulfo has more than 110k followers on Instagram (@manu rulfo), where he regularly updates about his on-screen endeavors but never talks about his romantic relationships or partners. He is not married and has never had a wife.


Manuel Garcia-Rulfo, who had no previous acting experience, appeared in a number of short films before going back to Mexico. He did not get bright roles, so the actor decided to take a desperate step and moved to a farm to grow limes.

After a long break, Garcia-Rulfo thought about returning to the cinema. He had a second opportunity from fate itself when, during the Denver International Film Festival, a coworker volunteered to help him start a career in Los Angeles after noticing him. It was unknown what drew the Hollywood star to the unknown Mexican actor. The life of a citizen of the city of roses was drastically altered after a chance meeting.

Manuel was given a go for a part in the drama Bless Me, Ultima at the audition, which was organized by the agent of a new acquaintance. He performed on the same stage as Benito Martinez and Miriam Colon.

Garcia Rulfo’s Hollywood career started to pick up steam following this effort. The young actor received favorable reviews and received numerous filming offers.

Aniston received multiple nominations for her performance in Cake, including the Golden Globe. Despite this, the movie only brought in $2 million globally, failing to cover its production costs.

However, Garcia-performance Rulfo drew the eye of filmmaker Robert Rodriguez, who gave him the part of Narciso Menendez, the vampire lieutenant of the Nine Lords, in his horror series From Dusk Till Dawn. Zane Holtz, Eiza Gonzalez, and DJ Cotrona each had a key role in the project. Critics gave the series great honors and praised it as one of the best new fantasy works.

In 2013, Manuel had two TV appearances. He appeared in a short episode of the American drama The Connection, but he was cast permanently as Gabriel in the Mexican comic melodrama Alien.

The Daniel Barnes film “Cake,” which featured Jennifer Aniston and received praise from critics and audiences alike, caught their interest in particular. In it, the star of the sitcom ” Friends ” dramatically changed the role of a comedic actress that had been assigned to her, demonstrating an unsurpassed dramatic talent. Manuel Garcia-Rulfo played a small role in the film Arturo, and among his filming partners were Adriana Barrasa, Sam Worthington and William H. Macy.

An intriguing performance by the actor was seen in the western movie “The Magnificent Seven,” which starred Chris Pratt, Ethan Hawke, and Denzel Washington. Garcia-Rulfo had to master weapon handling skills in order to play Vasquez. In an interview, he said that he rubbed calluses on his palms until he bled, but he did not give up, gritting his teeth in pain.

The drama “Murder on the Orient Express,” directed by Kenneth Branagh and based on the Agatha Christie novel of the same name about the Belgian detective Hercule Poirot, was without a doubt the highlight of the artist’s career. 

Garcia-Rulfo portrayed businessman Beniamino Marquez in a role that was created for him (the character of the novel by Antonio Foscarelli served as the prototype). Hollywood stars Kenneth Branagh, Michelle Pfeiffer, Johnny Depp, and Penelope Cruz joined Manuel as partners. Despite complaints from critics for the lack of new ideas in the plot, the film was a huge success internationally (total costs reached $352 million).

Garcia-Rulfo was chosen to play the pivotal part of hitman Javier in the action comedy movie Phantom Six. He was quite anxious before the shoot since he didn’t think he was funny, but with the help of Ryan Reynolds and Ben Hardy, he was able to show his comedic skills.

Personal life

A brown-eyed brunette who is tall (189 cm) and has a cute smile has long been regarded as a heartthrob and is popular with spectators. Although he avoids discussing his personal life, it is known that the actor has not yet gotten married.

Although Manuel Garcia-Rulfo resides in Los Angeles, he frequently travels to Mexico to see his family. He owns a farm where he grows limes in his spare time after filming. He frequently travels with his devoted pet, an Australian shepherd named Attila, with whom he has circled the globe twice.

With age, Manuel’s enthusiasm for photography did not diminish. He continues to view the world through the lens he did in his adolescence. 

The pictures he posts on his Instagram personal blog are very important to him. He uploads images that show the photographer’s attention to detail in addition to portraits.

Manuel Rulfo now

The Mexican actor worked on multiple movies simultaneously in 2022. Lincoln for the Lawyer, a television series produced by Netflix and based on the Michael Connelly book of the same name, premiered in May. Lawyer Mickey Holler, played by Manuel Garcia-Rulfo, was the primary character in this movie.

The actor took his preparation for the movie very seriously. He read the author’s works and even watched films of O’s trial. Simpson, J. The 2011 movie Holler, portrayed by Matthew McConaughey, had a line that was crucial to Manuel’s reincarnation. The artist described his persona as a man who can dance in the rain without getting wet.


Who is Manuel Garcia-Rulfo dating

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