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Who is Jason Momoa Dating?

A romantic dude! As Jason Momoa gained popularity, rumours about his love life spread like wildfire. Fans were shocked when Momoa and Lisa Bonet, who married in 2017, announced their separation in a joint statement after more than ten years of dating. “These are transformative times, and we have all felt the pressure and upheavals… There is a revolution taking place, and our family is not an exception. The Aquaman actor and the actress expressed their feelings and growth in a January 2022 Instagram post. “And so, we inform our family that our marriage is ending.

We don’t disclose this because we believe it to be noteworthy, but rather so that we may live our lives honourably and honestly. The former couple stated at the time that even after four years of marriage, “the love between” them would endure. The message ended, “We free each other to be who we are learning to become. Our commitment to our children and their holy life is unshakable. instructing our kids. What is feasible is practising prayer. J & L: “May Love Prevail.” Two children, Lola (born in 2007) and Nakoa-Wolf, were born to Momoa and Bonet (born in 2009).

According to a source who spoke exclusively to Us Weekly, Momoa and Bonet’s breakup was the result of them growing apart. The source said, “He was cheerful, noisy, and the centre of attention, while Lisa was always cool, serene, and restrained.” “Because they desired to live various lives, that energy really began to produce tension. Jason wants to explore and experience more. Lisa likes to stay in and read, compose poetry, and cook.

After making a significant life shift, the Justice League actor gained notoriety when images of him handing Kate Beckinsale his jacket appeared. “It was insane. I spoke with a woman about her nation when I was filming Aquaman 2 in England.  He said to Extra about the April 2022 excursion to the Vanity Fair Oscars afterparty, “Everyone is like, ‘Are you dating?'” “No, no, it was noble behaviour. The lady felt chilly. She is quite pleasant. I was simply acting like a gentleman and being really pleasant. I no longer lend anyone my coat.

The Hawaii native was photographed at the Ambulance premiere, which starred Eiza González, in the same month. The relationship between Momoa and the From Dusk Till Dawn actress during his divorce was subsequently verified by Us. In May 2022, a source said, “Eiza and Jason are dating; it’s a pretty informal relationship.” But they’re enjoying themselves and getting to know one another. There has been a draw between them ever since they first met. They are both incredibly drawn to one another and are exploring their relationship. For an overview of Momoa’s whole dating life, scroll down:

Simmone Mackinnon

Momoa and Mackinnon began dating in 1999 after their time on Baywatch together. In 2004, they were married and split up two years later.

Lisa Bonet

However, the actor ignited relationship speculations with Bonet despite his breakup with Mackinnon. In 2007, the couple had their daughter, Lola, after two years of dating. In 2008, the former star of The Cosby Show gave birth to their son, Nakoa-Wolf. Although there were reports that Momoa and Bonet wed in 2007, their marriage was only consummated in 2017. In January 2022, they jointly posted on Instagram that they were divorcing.

Eiza Gonzalez

Us announced the Game of Thrones actor’s relationship with González four months after he divorced Bonet. The couple was supposed to have broken up in June 2022, but they were sighted reunited in London the following month.

Who is Jason Momoa Dating

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