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Who Is Courteney Cox Dating?

Courteney Cox is a well-known American actress best recognized for her role as Monica in the successful NBC sitcom Friends. She received a lot of attention and appreciation for her role. There were a lot of people that enjoyed this legendary role.  These fans are now interested in discovering more about her personal and professional life. 

Courteney Bass is a well-known actress. Before her divorce, Cox was known as Arquette Cox. Her career began in 1984 when she starred in a music video for the first time. She received widespread praise for her role as Monica, for which she was nominated for seven Screen Actors Guild Awards. Cox was also nominated for her performance as Gale Weathers in the horror-thriller Scream. She also played in the NBC sitcom Family Ties as Lauren Miller.

Cox also played Lucy Spiller on the FX drama series Dirt and Jules Cobb on the ABC/TBS sitcom Cougar Town. She’s also been nominated for a Critics’ Choice Award and a Golden Globe Award in recent years. Masters of the Universe, Comedy Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, the animated comedy Animal Farm, Fantasy Comedy Bedtime Stories, and the independent drama Mothers and Daughters are among her other fantasy action projects. She also owns the producing company Coquette Productions. Cox and her then-husband David Arquette created the company. She also directed the television drama film Talhotblond and her own sitcom Cougar Town. She also directed the acclaimed black comedy-drama Before I Go. 

Now, let’s reveal the dating history of Courteney Cox and see who is Courteney Cox dating.

Courteney Cox and David Arquette

Courteney and David met on the set of Scream in 1996, when they played Gale Weathers and Dewy Riley, respectively.

In 1998, after two years of dating, David proposed to Courteney. David proposed to Courteney on a beach on the East Coast when they were on vacation, Matthew Perry, Lisa Kudrow, Jennifer Aniston, David Schwimmer, and Matt LeBlanc, as well as Courteney’s Friends co-stars Matthew Perry, Lisa Kudrow, Jennifer Aniston, David Schwimmer, and Matt LeBlanc, all attended the wedding in San Francisco in 1998.

Courteney and David welcomed their first child, a girl called Coco, in 2004. Courteney declared in an interview that “divorce” was “not an option” for her and David. Courteney and David announced their split two years after the interview. Their divorce was finalized three years after they announced it. 

Courteney Cox and Matthew Perry

Courteney Cox and Matthew Perry are known around the world as a couple in love from the series Friends, the development of which was followed by everyone in the 90s. The series ended 12 years ago, yet the actors’ friendship continues to this day. When the boys announced to everyone last year that they were dating, it turned a long relationship into something more.

Courtney had never considered bringing their on-screen romance into real life. The actress was happily married for 14 years. However, her family broke up in 2010, and she divorced her husband three years later. Courteney Cox and her ex-husband have an 11-year-old daughter named Coco. Johnny McDaid, a 40-year-old Irish Snow Patrol member, was the next recent romance. The pair split up in November 2015 after calling off their engagement.

Matthew, unlike his colleague, has never married and has no children. He had a long history of alcohol and drug addiction, and he had been treated in a special clinic multiple times. The actor himself admits that it is not easy to get rid of a 30-year-old habit in a month. Courtney was always there for him and helped him in every way she could.

Courteney Cox came to Matthew for moral support after breaking up with McDade in 2015, and the couple’s relationship began unexpectedly. “It happened out of nowhere. Courtney had just come to Matthew to cry, and they ended up spending the night together. “But neither of them regrets it,” a friend of the couple revealed in an interview.

Courteney Cox and Johnny McDaid

Courteney Cox, 57, has tried several times to find love.   Cox and Snow Patrol drummer Johnny McDaid started dating in 2013. The lovers were brought together by chance in the person of another artist – Ed Sheeran. Sheeran was working on his album with McDaid at the time. However,  Ed predicted that Courtney and Johnny would meet.


“I believe I had a part in helping them find each other. Sacha Baron Cohen, on the other hand, was an active participant in this. “It’s simply that two people fell in love and found themselves,” Sheeran says.

This story has some sad parts. Cox had previously found McDaid guilty of cheating and had even hired an investigator to track him down. The latter presented Courtney with a slew of irrefutable proof, causing the star to cancel her plans to marry.

Courtney and Johnny were unable to see each other for 9 months owing to quarantine, but it appears that their problems are now resolved. Courtney admitted to being bored and wanted to be with her lover as soon as possible.

Who Is Courteney Cox Dating

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