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Who is Willa Fitzgerald dating?

Popular actress Willa Fitzgerald has reimagined some of literature’s most beloved fictional characters, including Meg in the BBC miniseries Little Women and Kitsey Barbour in The Goldfinch. She made headlines in 2015 after playing Emma Duvall on MTV’s Scream, and she was outstanding alongside Emma Miller in Royal Pains.

Fitzgerald’s adaptation of Megan Abbott’s Dare Me and her flawless depiction of coach Colette French contributed to the long-awaited success of the US TV series, which eventually found a home on Netflix. During her formative years, the gifted artist also engaged in puppetry and playwriting. After seeing her play the risky Cheer Coach, her fans were fascinated to learn more about her!

Willa Fitzgerald family

Willa Fitzgerald’s family welcomed her on January 17, 1991 in Nashville, Tennessee. The Brooklyn-born actress doesn’t talk much about her parents but isn’t afraid to share adorable pictures of them having fun on vacation. Since they adored making their own yogurt and favored purchasing organic meat before it was popular, she refers to her parents as hippies.

They even constructed beds in their front yard and instilled in Fitzgerald the habit of picking nutritious foods over those that appeared to be appetizing, which significantly helped in the treatment of her PCOS. The Moosewood Cookbook, which her mother gifted to Molly Katzen while she was a college student, has since shown her inventive methods to make vegetarian and nutritious meals. Fitzgerald recognized her passion for the performing arts from an early age and expressed her true feelings for her mother.

The actress revealed during a candid interview that she remembers telling her mother I feel like I’m flying the first time she saw me in high school. She continued to pursue that feeling and received her BA in Theater Studies from Yale University in 2013. Her stage credits include The Private Sector, The Cow Game, The Couple in the Kitchen, and the movie version of John Willard’s book The Cat and the Canary.

Who is Willa Fitzgerald dating?

Despite the fact that Willa Fitzgerald has never publicly discussed her personal life, it has been rumored that she has been dating Gabriel Gabe Kennedy since 2017. He is a thriving businessman, master chef, world traveler, television host, and co-founder of Plant People. On June 7, 2017, Fitzgerald and Gabe collaborated on a promotional video against plastic, which they both posted to their Instagram accounts. They soon started to often post on one another’s social media accounts.

The artist and his fiancée have since traveled to many exotic locations, attended film festivals and important events, and even served as each other’s dates at several weddings. Without revealing the details of their touching relationship, Fitzgerald admitted on May 26, 2019 that she has been blissfully devoted to Gabe for the past two years. She often referred to him as her best adventure companion and her fans were very happy for her.

But when Fitzgerald and Gabe stopped sharing their sweet moments after first publishing the most recent photo (for now) with her lover, followers detected problems in the couple’s paradise. It could also suggest that they agreed to keep their romantic meetings private, but the likelihood of that happening is low. Fitzgerald’s quarantining of her rescue dog in the midst of a pandemic speaks volumes as well.

The meteoric rise to stardom

When Willa Fitzgerald started her film career in 2008 with the character of Vivian in “For the Love of a Dog,” she was no stranger to the commercial world. She has been acting since she was in school, and he had official instruction at Yale University.

She acted in two short films after her debut feature, “Food For Love” and “Two Cheeseburgers: Part 3,” which were released in 2012 and 2013, respectively. From 2014 to 2016, Willa concentrated on the small screen and appeared in a variety of series, including “Alpha House,” “The Novice,” “Royal Pains,” “Scream,” and others. She always believed that a movie was too short and intense to construct a character her audience could analyze.

She also appeared as a guest artist on the TV shows “Gotham,” “The Follow,” and “Blue Bloods.” In her opinion, soap operas portray a character in a better way as the actor gets feedback from the audience and has the opportunity to improve his performance with each episode.

She appeared as Beth in the 2016 web series “Relation Status” in addition to acting on television. She enjoyed and appreciated the challenge of her work. She was chosen to play Navy pilot Roxanne Daly in Fox Television’s pilot military serial opera “Behind Enemy Lines” in March 2017. The series is a remake of the corresponding movie.

A number of stage plays, including “The Cat and The Canary” at the Berkshire Theater Festival, “Cow Play” at the New York Fringe Festival, and “The Private Sector” at the Theater for the New Town, have featured her acting talents. She also performed readings for “Couple in the Kitchen” and “Starfuck” at the Actor’s Studio.

She did more than just perform; in April 2013, Sarah Ruhl’s adaptation of Virginia Woolf’s play Orlando was staged under her direction. She learned from her experience as a director. She undoubtedly possesses a talent that critics have acknowledged in their favorable evaluations. She is currently seen as a potential star.

She was an enthusiastic participant in the theater throughout her schooling. But as a little girl, she aspired to work in child psychology. After graduating from Yale University in 2013 with a Bachelor of Theater Studies, her acting enthusiasm grew over time, and she eventually relocated to New York. She took part in various plays, including her favorite, “Blueberry Toast,” as part of her degree at Yale University. She learned acting, playwriting, and directing as part of her degree, and she was excellent at all three.

She worked as an intern at the Builders Association in 2011 and the Wooster Group in 2011–2012 while still a student. She attributes a lot of her success to her agents at Paradigm Talent Agency, Ellen Gilbert and Rachel Altman, who organized her auditions and managed her schedule.

She is a talented cook as well as a pianist. She has a sizable following on Twitter and Instagram, but little information about her family or private life has been shared online. According to what we know, she is still single and not involved in a committed relationship.

Who is Willa Fitzgerald dating

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