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Who Is James Harden Dating?

When it comes to basketball, every fanatic has heard of American basketball player James Harden. Harden, born on August 26, 1989, is known as one of the most prolific and dedicated players in the Basketball League. He is also a gold medalist at the 2012 London Olympics as well as a gold medalist at the 2014 FIBA ​​World Championship. Known as the best shooting guard in the NBA, James had a significant history in his basketball career. 

Harden is the youngest of three children in the family. He is a Christian by birth and firmly believes in the Lord. As seen and clearly seen, Harden’s beard adds to his charm. In 2009, when he was too lazy to shave, he decided to make up for it with his trademark, and since then everyone will recognize him only by his beard. Harden’s dating history is interesting beyond his family and career.

Childhood and youth

James Harden was born in California on August 26, 1989. He grew up in Compton, Los Angeles, notorious for its high crime rate. His father, naval sailor James Harden, Sr., was often absent from home on duty, so his mother Monya Willis was engaged in raising three children.

His basketball career began at Artesia School in nearby Lakewood. At first, the results were not impressive. The young athlete was tormented by asthma attacks. Coaches paid attention to good playing technique and excellent physical data. When the boy grew up, he became one of the best players in the country. Today, Harden’s height is 196 cm and his weight is 100 kg.

Who is James Harden dating?

When we mentioned James Beard, it’s normal that every girl is attracted to this NBA player. Harden has a rich relationship history. And it’s interesting to note that James is quite active at every stage of his life. And, not to mention, his beard is a plus for his basketball career. According to reports, James dated almost ten girls, and it will be very interesting to know about some of them.


Libra singer Ashanti Shekoya Douglas dated James Harden during 2016-18. Although it was speculation at first, everyone was later confirmed in their relationship when James invited Ashanti to dinner to introduce Ashanti to his family. There were no exact dates for their relationship, as the couple wanted to keep a low profile. There were also no photos of the duo anywhere.

Khloe Kardashian

When it comes to the Kardashian family, everyone knows about Kim Kardashian, but the Kardashian that James was reported to have dated was Khloe Kardashian. It was in 2016 that they broke up before being together for eight months. James met Chloe on Kanye West’s birthday. Chloe stated that James was unfaithful in their relationship, which led to the end of their relationship, but the latter claims otherwise, that James was quite wary of the attention he received because of Chloe.


American rapper Trina was also reportedly in a relationship with bearded man James Harden, but they both denied the same thing and said they were just friends and nothing more. Trina also claims that James just liked “fun girls”.

Ola Nabber

The IG model, judging by her appearance, Ola Nabber dated James Harden in the spring of 2019. Little is reportedly known about their relationship. This was via a Sports Gossips report that mentioned James Harden sending flowers to Ola Nabber on Valentine’s Day. There may be more of these two in the future.

Amber Rose

Known for modeling, Video Vixen, etc., Amber Rose is reported to have dated James Harden. But she claimed it was more of a special friendship than a relationship, and the other side also resorted to the same thing. They later went their separate ways, but for fans, it was a rather entertaining “special friendship.”

James Harden in a relationship with Jessica Janschel?

According to reports, American model Jessica Janshel is currently believed to be the girlfriend of NBA player James Harden. Jessica, born July 5, 1991, currently has almost 600k followers on Instagram. Jessica was first seen with James around 2017 after James went on hiatus from Khloe Kardashian. She currently sponsors various hair and beauty products, which can be seen on her Instagram feed. She does not represent such brands. However, in the coming years, her fans may become stronger and more promising. The couple doesn’t have much to say about them, but fans are waiting for news that they will be making a public appearance.

James Harden dating

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