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Who Is Liz Cambage Dating?

One of the most well-known female basketball players in the world, Liz Cambage, has had a fruitful basketball career to date. It’s challenging to match her impressive skills and experience!

Basketball demands a lot of work, coordination, and keeping a close eye on the ball to prevent it from escaping your grasp.

It is a piece of work that has several potential applications. Even stories of people doing all of this while chowing down on cake exist.

Along with these superstars, several athletes from the upcoming generation are also on the edge of immortality. The name Liz Cambage appears frequently.

With a distinguished career thus far, Liz Cambage is one of the most well-known female basketball players in the world. You won’t ever see the ball again if you score because she will chase you down. Some individuals are still interested in learning more about Liz Cambage’s romantic life despite her enormous fan base.

Everyone seems to be interested in Liz because she has had such a wild love adventure. Therefore, continue reading to learn about this famous athlete’s relationships and love life.

Who Is Liz Cambage Dating?

In October of last year, Cambage—who is also a model—talked about a moment in her life when she felt a lot of pressure. I’ve never been loud about my sexuality, but when I do Playboy, I say, “Yeah, I’m a straight six-foot-eight-lady who enjoys having sex,” Cambage said in a photoshoot and interview.

It is what we as humans do. I believe that I am not permitted to be seductive or that person because I am a female athlete. The only thing that society requires of me is that I sit down, stop talking, go to practice, and take part in my sport. Cambage added that she was repeatedly questioned about her sexual preference.

Despite the fact that “everyone expected me to be gay,” Cambage claimed to be heterosexual.

When she was 18 or 19, she shaved half of her head, and her mother told her to sit down. She believed it to be my coming out. I responded, “No, I just think I look gorgeous with a shaved head.”

Cambage also talked about her dating situation, adding that while she is currently single and focusing on herself, she is aware of what she wants in a partner. “I’m determined to perform at my highest level.

Since I’m about to embark on what may turn out to be the most significant year of my life—the Olympics, the WNBA, and playing in Australia—I genuinely don’t have time for someone else to care about me.

I’m open, willing, and prepared. She once dated Australian Football League player Alex Lee on and off. However, it will happen when it happens.

It appears that Liz Cambage and Alex Lee are dating. Rumor has it that the two are involved in an on-again, off-again relationship. Right now, she is portrayed in the media as a single woman who prioritizes her job over dating and marriage.

Cambage was born in Nigeria to Australian and Nigerian parents. There is no mention of their names. She was taken to Australia by her mother when she was three months old, following the divorce of her parents. Prior to relocating to the Mornington Peninsula, the Cambage family called Eden home.

There are websites that, for whatever reason, assert that Rudy Gay and Liz Cambage have been married for six years and have one kid together. This is not true.

A wife does exist for Sacramento Kings NBA player Rudy Gay. However, Ecko Wray is her real name. The day of their nuptials was August 3, 2013. So, next summer, they will commemorate their tenth wedding anniversary.

Their union has produced one child, according to his IMDB biography. However, judging from his Instagram pictures, he only seems to have two. Liz Cambage’s husband is not Rudy Gay. Hence, she is not married at the moment.

Are Drake and Liz Cambage Dating?

WNBA star Liz, 30, has remained mum about her private life. She is allegedly dating the well-known Canadian rapper Drake, according to media rumors. Cambage and Drake gained attention for their connection after sharing a photo of themselves with her. On November 4, 2021, Drake, the God’s Plan musician, uploaded a picture of himself hugging Liz to his official Instagram account. The graphic reads, “Face of the franchise, my mini-me.”

In 2018, Drake made reference to Liz in his verse of Travis Scott’s song Sicko Mode. Drake and Liz, on the other hand, have not publicly declared their relationship. However, it seems like the two get along well. Some sources claim that Drake and Liz are friends and that there is no romantic tension between them.

Who Is Liz Cambage Dating

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