Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise is currently single.

Tom Cruise, after a successful student wing opened in many professions, and later decided on acting. Met with acting in high school period, interest earned their money by selling tickets to games with friends in the process. Branch with famous actors entering the cinema film Endless Love in 1979, then slowly began to introduce himself by taking part in the project named Taps.

Nominated for a Golden Globe award for the first time in 1983 thanks to the Tom Cruise film Risky business success! Then Color Of Money, Rain Man, handsome actor who plays such an important project, together with the films nominated in the Oscars and awards were also collected. Tom Cruise is still continuing his acting career.

  1. Tom Cruise – Melissa Gilbert
  2. Tom Cruise – Heather Locklear
  3. Tom Cruise – Rebecca De Mornay
  4. Tom Cruise – Cher
  5. Tom Cruise – Mimi Rogers
  6. Tom Cruise – Nicole Kidman
  7. Tom Cruise – Penélope Cruz
  8. Tom Cruise – Nazanin Boniadi
  9. Tom Cruise – Sofía Vergara
  10. Tom Cruise – Katie Holmes
  11. Tom Cruise – Yolanda Pecoraro
  12. Tom Cruise – Cynthia Jorge
  13. Tom Cruise – Olga Kurylenko
  14. Tom Cruise – Laura Prepon

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