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Who is Tom Hiddleston dating?

British actor Tom Hiddleston conquered Hollywood and became known to the whole world after starring in the films Thor and Only Lovers Left Alive. The famously attractive man is simply tight-lipped about his personal life, forcing even more rumors and gossip. A number of the actor’s novels speak of his love and attempts to start a family, but not a single girlfriend of Tom Hiddleston has become his wife yet. 

Was actor Tom Hiddleston married?

After a series of failed romances, Tom decided to hide his relationships. However, it is certain that he is single, which makes many of his followers extremely happy. Hiddleston considers his mum to be the ideal woman. Tom refers to her as a symbol of strength. His father was nearly always at work when the actor was a child, so his mother raised him with love and affection while being a strong and independent lady. Hiddleston became a feminist supporter and developed conservative taste in regards to the attractive half of humanity as a result of her influence. Tom Hiddleston constantly compares contenders for the hand and heart with his beloved mother. And this comparison is not always in favor of girls. 

Hiddleston, on the other hand, is not married, not only as a matter of principle in choosing a life partner but also due to a simple lack of time to have a family. Tom regards the role of a husband as one of great responsibility, and he finds that he does not have enough time to spend an evening with his family due to the responsibilities of his job. Even the most patient wife will be unable to deal with the actor’s daily routine. who is Tom Hiddleston dating? And who were his girlfriends? Keep on reading to know more about it.

Tom Hiddleston Dating History

Susannah Fielding

This relationship lasted from 2008 until 2011. It was the longest partnership in an actor’s life. Susannah Fielding and Tom Hiddleston met while filming the British TV drama Wallander. It was love at first sight for the pair, and they spent all of their free time together.

Susannah Fielding supposedly became Hiddleston’s wife in secret, according to media reports at the end of 2011. In actuality, the actors decided to separate during this time. The explanation is simple: they were both busy with their work, Hiddleston’s career was taking off, and there was just not enough time for a love relationship. Tom believes that creative work requires a maximum return, without which success is impossible.

Jessica Chastain

When Tom Hiddleston starred in Guillermo del Toro’s Crimson Peak, his co-star was actress Jessica Chastain, an American beauty with fiery hair. Despite the fact that she is four years older than her British colleague, the press related a romantic relationship to them.

Jessica has a principle: never begin a novel with a colleague. Tom, though, rumor says, charmed her so deeply that she forgot about her principles. Hiddleston even invited Jessica to meet his parents, according to the British press in 2013. The actors themselves denied any affair. However, if there was a relationship, it was short-lived.

Jane Artie 

Hiddleston was often seen with producer Jane Artie at numerous events in 2013. The first time a pair was photographed in the stands at Wimbledon by paparazzi. It’s unknown if Tom and Jane had a romantic relationship or were just friends.

Kat Dennings

Another short romance happened during the filming of the fantastic action film Thor, which many people doubt. Kat Dennings also played a role in this film. The actors don’t admit to having a love affair, but they also don’t deny it. Kat recalls Susannah Fielding, Hiddleston’s previous lover, in both appearance and character, as both actors were born in June.

Elizabeth Olsen

Elizabeth and Tom had known each other for a long time, but paparazzi caught them in a restaurant late at night in 2015. Both actors were then cast in the starring roles in the film I Saw the Light, which led to suspicion of public affairs. The novel’s rumor increased people’s excitement in the movie. 

The actors tried to draw as much attention to themselves as possible by answering questions concerning relationships in a confusing and unclear way. The actors took a trip to England, where they walked through the streets of Oxford holding hands and saw a performance of The Elephant Man at the theater. When Tom and Elizabeth returned to the United States, the press and fans awaited their wedding announcement with great anticipation. But the actors made a very different announcement: they decided to remain friends. 

Elizabeth and Tom justified their choice by stating that, despite their spiritual bond, neither of them was ready for family life at the moment. A substantial age gap between Elizabeth Olsen and Hiddleston was most likely a factor in their breakup. Elizabeth Olsen is 8 years younger than Hiddleston.

Taylor Swift 

Before meeting the British actor, one of the most successful US singers had numerous novels in the works. In the summer of 2016, Tom Hiddleston met Taylor Swift at the Met Gala, the annual exhibition of the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art. The singer was dating musician Calvin Harris at the time, but they ended their relationship soon after. Hiddleston and Swift then went to Rhode Island to relax. On the rocky shore of Rod’s island, they were photographed kissing. The couple were open about their relationship, going on walks together and attending social events. Hiddleston once wore a T-shirt with the slogan “I adore Taylor” printed on it.

Zavi Ashton

Hiddleston was seen in the company of British actress Zavi Ashton in the summer of 2020. In Atlanta, the couple enjoyed one other’s company. Tom was in the United States for work at the time, playing his most renowned character, Loki, on the show. And Zavi was preparing for filming in the next season of the resonant series The Handmaid’s Tale.

The performers first met two years ago in London, when they performed in the play “Betrayal,” based on a play by English writer Harold Pinter, with actor Charlie Cox. The drama touched on the subject of troubled family relationships, which featured a shared acquaintance of the couples. Tom played the same character. The performance was well-received not just in England, but also in the United States.

Who is Tom Hiddleston dating

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