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Who is David Dobrik dating?

Fans have been wondering if YouTube star David Dobrik is single since he rose to stardom thanks to his YouTube channel. He’s won everyone’s heart with his endearing attitude, wonderful sense of humour, and stunning grin.

His dating life isn’t exactly traditional, which is saying a lot considering how YouTubers are known for doing strange and unusual things for their channels. When it comes to celebrities, the YouTuber from Slovakia is a real find: he’s unbelievably humorous, incredibly generous, and has a massive net worth.

With all of David’s charisma and charm, it’s shocking to find he’s now unmarried — or, if he does have someone special, he’s keeping it a secret. But, given how open he’s been about his previous relationships, it’s unlikely he’ll keep quiet now. At Variety’s Power of Young Hollywood in August 2019, he told J-14 that he was “extremely single” and “very, very far from being in a relationship again.” He walked the red carpet alone when he hosted the Teen Choice Awards later that month.

Who is David Dobrik dating?

He is currently single. On July 23, 1996, the American YouTuber was born in Kosice, Slovakia. Chicago-based YouTube sensation with over 4.9 million subscribers on his self-titled channel. He was also well-known on Vine, a 6-second video app where he amassed over 1.3 million followers.

Who has David Dobrik ever dated?

David Dobrik, like other celebrities, prefers to keep his personal and love life private, so come back often as we will continue to add new dating news and speculations to this page. So, if you want to be Mrs. David Dobrik, you still have a chance. But before you try to get into his DMs, look into his dating history to see what you can find out.

Natalie Mariduena (rumored)

When Natalie Mariduena, YouTube celebrity David Dobrik’s new assistant, first appeared on the scene last year, it was evident the two were in love. They appear inseparable in “Vlog Squad” videos and on Instagram as childhood friends who grew up together in a Chicago neighborhood. Now they’re quarantining together in Dobrik’s LA house throughout the pandemic, and people are debating if their love is platonic or romantic.

Despite their sweet origin backstory and obvious connection, Dobrik has denied that the two are dating.

David’s childhood buddy and current assistant, whose LinkedIn profile reads “Executive Assistant at David Dobrik LLC,” has been linked to her “employer.” David’s admirers are continually wondering if David and Natalie are more than just friends and coworkers, so they get out their trusty magnifying glasses and go all Sherlock Holmes on the matter.

After teasing that the two were hooking up during the coronavirus epidemic in May 2020, David explained that nothing was going on between them and that nothing would ever happen.

“I think it should be self-evident at this point that Natalie and I will never hook up,” he remarked. “Even if the pandemic lasted 25 years and we were confined to our homes.” It’ll never come to pass.”

Lorraine Nash (May 2019 – June 2019)

David married the mother of Jason Nash, his BFF and fellow YouTuber, in possibly the craziest YouTube shenanigan of 2019. Yes, this was a real wedding. What caused this to happen in the first place? “Challenge accepted” comes to mind as a mocking term. “It’s insane to believe you’ll never have an ex-wife since no one will f*cking marry you ever,” Jason joked to David, so David flew to Boston to marry Lorraine. As a result, David, who was 22 at the time, became Jason’s stepfather, who was 45 at the time.

They married in Vegas and honeymooned in Hawaii, but soon divorced. On Live with Kelly and Ryan, he said that the wedding and divorce cost him “about $30,000.” The commitment!

Liza Koshy (2015–2017)

They were YouTube’s most popular couple for two years, until their sweet romance ended in a public breakup in June 2018. “Liza broke up with [him] 6 months ago,” David revealed in the video. The video has been seen over 56 million times as of September 2019.

“For the time being, it wasn’t healthy for us to stay together,” David admitted in the confessional, later adding, “Liza broke up with me because she felt like we’ve been kind of distant because we’ve just been so busy.” Period. And, as much as I despise admitting it, I was feeling the same way on my end.” Both YouTubers stated that they are still close friends.

David recently remarked in a video with J-14 that Liza was his “all-time favorite collaborator,” implying that the breakup was amicable.

Olivia Jade (rumored)

Olivia Jade is a YouTuber who was involved in the college admissions cheating incident earlier this year. Despite the fact that they’re merely pals, some fans believe they’re dating or have dated in the past. Olivia was reportedly seen hanging out with David and other members of the Vlog Squad at David’s house party shortly after the incident surfaced. Refinery29 was notified by YouTuber Heath Hussar and a representative for David that the female in the video was Madison Beer, not Olivia.

Is David Dobrik dating Madison Beer?

The internet has been buzzing with rumors that Dobrik has been refusing Beer’s approaches. After Beer was asked on the show to chat about her new album, the question of their relationship came up on Dobrik’s VIEWS podcast with Jason Nash. She allowed Dobrik to address the rumors when the topic shifted to the recurring jokes about Dobrik rejecting the Selfish hitmaker.

“I’m not even going to talk; I’m going to give him the floor and see where he goes,” she remarked.

“I was expressing this to Jason previously, I detest the whole rejection thing,” the YouTuber said. I detest it when people say things like, ‘This is the girl David rejected,'” she says, adding that the better Madison looks in a photo, the more comments about the alleged rejection there are.

“Have you ever rejected me?” Madison asks emphatically. “No,” Dobrik says, casting a suspicious glance at the camera. “I never rejected you,” he said shortly after. That’s all there is to it. We never dated. That’s the only thing I have to say about it.”

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