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Who Is Taylor Lautner Dating?

He is no longer available! Longtime lovers Taylor Lautner and Tay Dome are getting ready to wed. In November 2021, the Twilight actor got engaged and shared the news with followers on Instagram. He said that on November 11, 2021, they got engaged. He posted many pictures of himself on one knee, with the remark, “And just like that, all of my hopes came true.” The couple displayed Tay’s engagement ring in another batch of photos.

Taylor Lautner’s and Fiance’s Relationship

I can’t wait to be with you forever, @taydome You adore me without conditions, Taylor penned. You are not tolerant of my [poop emoji]. You help me relax when I’m stressed. You give me much too much to laugh at. You provide so much value to every day we spend with you. The essential thing is that you improve me as a person. I’m really grateful for everything you’ve done for me. I will always adore you. Tay, on the other hand, also expressed her affection in a post on Instagram. She wrote in the caption of their engagement images, “My very best friend.” I CAN’T WAIT TO BE WITH YOU FOREVER. The Scream Queens actor wrote, “Got news for you, the feeling is reciprocal,” in a comment on the nurse’s post.

In 2018, Taylor and Tay made their low-key romance public. Since then, they have been chronicling their ups and downs with lovely birthday cards and matching Halloween outfits. The Abduction actor has intimate connections with Lily Collins and Billie Lourd before his recent open relationship. It’s no secret that he and Taylor Swift clicked after meeting on the set of Valentine’s Day. The two were briefly romantically involved, and the singer even composed a song about it. The song’s author, Lautner, even acknowledged it during a 2016 Facebook live stream. He said, “Yeah. ” when asked if Swift’s song accurately reflected their relationship. The song is titled “Back to December.”

Taylor has spoken about love in a few interviews over the years, even if he has kept the specifics of his other previous relationships a secret from the public. In November 2012, he told The Hollywood Reporter that “honesty and loyalty are vital.” “The biggest secret to success is definitely being able, to be honest with each other about everything. I consider myself to be extremely dependable, and I adore everyone I am with, whether they be friends, girlfriends, or anybody else. I appreciate loyal folks.

Taylor Lautner’s Girlfriend Past and Present

Selena Gomez

Early in 2009, Taylor dated the singer of “Bad Liar” for a few months. While they were both working on movies in Vancouver, Canada, they became close. Selena was working on Ramona and Beezus when Taylor was filming New Moon. He’s a wonderful man. However, I am solely single and I intend to remain so for a long, the singer said to Seventeen Magazine in September 2009. “Kristen Stewart was a guest at my hotel. We kept bumping into each other in the lobby because he would visit her, which is how we met. We would go out for lunch and supper, but I was aware that both he and I were being followed by photographers.”

“Thus, we really just wanted to hang out, go bowling, and do other things, but I believe it went a bit too far. About us, people started to get a bit wild. Although enjoyable. I went to Vancouver intending to concentrate on my job, but instead, I got to meet him, which turned out to be the nicest thing I’ve ever experienced. He is quite kind. I’m really glad Taylor made me happy. I had no idea I was capable of such joy. Most likely, you can see it in the photos! I’m grinning ear to ear.”

Taylor Swift

On Valentine’s Day movie set, the two celebrities got to know one another and started dating. Taylor penned the song “Back to December” about the actor following their breakup in December 2009.

Lily Collins

After collaborating on the film Abduction, Lily Collins Taylor and Lily began dating. However, their relationship was short-lived, as they allegedly broke up just before the film’s September 2011 debut.

Who Is Taylor Lautner Dating

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