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Who is Paul Wesley dating?

The Vampire Diaries made Paul Wesley a star, but the actor is a lover of Ingmar Bergman and Stanley Kubrick. He is interested not only in working in front of the camera, but also to visit the other side, not only to realize the stories composed by someone but also to invent them himself.

Paul Wesley was born on July 23, 1982, in New Brunswick, New Jersey, to Thomas and Agnieszka Wasilewski, immigrants from Poland. Pavel Tomash was the name given to the future actor when he was born. He spent the first years of his life in Marlborough with his sisters, Monica, Leah, and Julia. Wesley speaks good Polish since he lived in his ancestors’ country for four months a year until he was sixteen.

He is one of the most handsome and successful actors in the movie industry. Who is Paul Wesley dating? Keep reading to find interesting facts about his romantic relationships.

First Wife Torri Devito

The actor’s personal life is relatively unknown. Paul married actress Torri DeVito in April 2011. The wedding of Paul Wesley and the actress from the TV show “Pretty Little Liars” took place in secret in New York, and the press only knew about it after a while.

While this may be great news for fans of the CW’s popular supernatural program, the couple only married for two years.

The two have mutually agreed to end things amicably. And they will continue to be excellent friends. ‘It’s fantastic because normally we’d be 2000 miles apart, Los Angeles and Georgia, so it’s extremely lovely to be in the same geographical region,’ Wesley added.

Wesley and Torrey, who dated for six years, have a TV drama in common: both guests appeared on ABC’s Army Wives in different episodes.

Meanwhile, Paul and Torrey’s breakup comes just weeks after their Vampire Diaries co-stars Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev ended their three-year relationship, with friends blaming the 10-year age gap between Nina, 24, and Ian, 34, for their breakup.

Paul Wesley And Nina Dobrev

It’s not easy to live with a famous actor, especially one as handsome as Paul Wesley! Not only is he always surrounded by fans, but the media also try to pin an affair on him with every attractive colleague! Paul Wesley has a strange position in general: he has been playing love with the same woman in the TV show The Vampire Diaries for several years.

Nina Dobrev and Paul Wesley kiss so frequently in front of the cameras that their jealous nature would drive them insane!  Nina Dobrev’s personal life is very fascinating.

Fortunately for this couple, Torrey is aware of the film industry and does not associate it with family life. Moreover, she sees and understands that Paul Wesley’s thoughts are occupied exclusively by his beloved wife, and not only does his wife not pay attention to the constant kisses with Dobrev in front of the camera, but she is also friends with the actress!

Such mutual understanding is not only to be admired but also to be learned!

Paul Wesley And Phoebe Tonkin

The young guy began seeing Phoebe Tonkin, a young actress, two months after his divorce from Tori DeVito. The couple met on set in 2012, but only began dating following Paul’s divorce from his wife.

Paul and Phoebe did everything they could to keep their relationship private at first, and they didn’t comment on changes in their personal life. However, the couple became more open to fans in 2016 – the lovers frequently appeared together at social gatherings and expressed their love for each other in every way possible. Paul and Phoebe were frequently spotted by paparazzi while wandering around the city. Photos of a joint trip appeared on Instagram.

Wesley bought a new home for $2 million very soon. Fans were immediately happy with Phoebe’s photos, which showed her wearing a ring that she had given to his beloved. Everything pointed to the actors’ upcoming wedding.

There was a rumor among Paul Wesley’s millions of followers in 2016 that he had become a parent. A shot taken on Thanksgiving Day was the inspiration for this. In his arms, the actor was holding a baby. It was later discovered that it was Paul’s nephew, not his son. Thanksgiving was spent with Wesley’s family.

In December 2016, fans believed that Paul Wesley and Phoebe Tonkin had broken up. The couple stopped appearing in public together; joint photos were no longer posted on the Web. The actors officially confirmed this information in March 2017.

The lovers, on the other hand, couldn’t stay apart for long, and by May, they were back together. Paul and Phoebe’s romantic relationship ended at the end of 2017. 

The first separation was described by the lovers as the relationship’s exhaustion. The second is a considerably more frequent thing: a disagreement. At the same time, the cause of the disagreement was not revealed.

Paul Wesley and Ines de Ramon

In 2019, it was revealed that Paul had married a woman named Ines de Ramon. They’ve been dating since at least September. Paul shared the photo on Instagram with the caption “Thursday Throwback” from September 2018.

Ines de Ramon is not an actor, but she is a successful businesswoman in her own right. She is a fitness fanatic, a health coach, and a social media influencer. Many celebrities hire her to create their diet regimens and fitness routines.

Paul did not remark on his relationship in any manner, although the couple posted joint photos from time to time. They appear to be happy and spend all of their free time together.

Who is Paul Wesley dating

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