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Who is Madison Bailey Dating?

Thanks to her exceptional performance in “Outer Banks,” Madison Bailey is winning over Netflix users all over the world. However, Madison has been working professionally since 2015. Get to know her and what she’s been in here.

Madison has admitted that she is pansexual after talking about her sexuality. She discussed pansexuality in an Instagram Live Q&A with Lacy Hartselle and explained it to her followers on TikTok: “I feel like there are no drawbacks (to coming out), and I have very accepting friends, a very accepting family, and a very welcoming and accepting industry,” the author said. Being open and honest feels great from a pro’s perspective!


You might be ecstatic to see your favourite characters return to your screens as word of Outer Banks’ second season starts to spread. This particular actress is undoubtedly not an exception to the Netflix original series’ reputation for producing standout actors and actresses who do a fantastic job of bringing the action-packed show to life. Many viewers of the series have come to love Madison Bailey, who portrays the environmentally conscious Kiara Carrera, for the actress’ sincerity, friendliness, and unwavering commitment to upholding her principles. (Don’t you just wish you could be her best friend?) If you’re a die-hard fan of Kiara, you’re probably doing extensive research on the Outer Banks actress, including finding out who she’s dating. Here, we disclose Madison Bailey’s current romantic situation.

Madison Bailey girlfriend

Sorry, fans, but you might have to look elsewhere as Madison Bailey is happily committed to her basketball player girlfriend, Mariah Linney, and doesn’t seem to be coming down from her euphoria anytime soon. Take a look at the sweet photo of the two that is included below from Madison’s Instagram. (Madison’s bio on Instagram is M&M, representing the pair’s initials. How adorable is that?” What led to their encounter? Madison reportedly messaged Mariah on Tik Tok after seeing basketball videos of her future girlfriend on her For You page. Soon after, in June 2020, the couple declared their engagement in a sweet Tik Tok video. The two have been totally in love and together ever since, and this month marks their one-year wedding anniversary. Even though this Outer Banks actress is already in a relationship, you can still watch her in the original series as Kiara even though she is off the market. You can catch up on Kiara’s dramatic storyline in the eagerly awaited second season of Outer Banks by watching the first season, which is only currently available on Netflix.

Who is Madison Bailey Dating

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