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Who is Keanu Reeves dating?

Keanu Reeves is one of the most talented actors working in Hollywood today. First and foremost, the audience recognized him as Neo from the Matrix trilogy. However, he has a varied filmography that includes both box office and independent movies. 

This is an unprincipled lawyer in the mystical thriller “Devil’s Advocate”, and a strange undercover agent in the animated film “The Blurred”, and an intermediary between Heaven and Hell, the lord of darkness “Konstantin”. The list could go on and on. At the same time, Keanu Reeves is not just a gifted actor, but also an incredibly sensitive, vulnerable, and loving individual with a unique personality that deserves special attention. 

Loves of Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves is an actor who has earned international fame for both his memorable roles in both hit films (Speed, Point Break) and cult hits (The Matrix). Reeves is known for being one of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood, earning $100 million from his appearances in Speed, Point Break, and The Matrix. In addition to his acting roles, Reeves is also known for his philanthropy and love stories. Let’s know more about the love of the actor and finally, who is Keanu Reeves dating

Keanu Reeves Dating History

Jennifer Syme

Keanu was 25 years old when his sister introduced him to her girlfriend, aspiring actress Jennifer Syme. The girl who loved Reeves didn’t think the attractive and well-known actor would fall in love with her, but she was wrong – it was love at first sight. Jennifer became pregnant less than a year later, and Keanu was overjoyed. True, for some reason there was no talk of a wedding – the couple was preparing for the birth of a child, but Jen never heard a marriage proposal.

Unfortunately, their baby, Ava Archer Syme Reeves, died in the womb a week before her due date. This was a huge blow for Jen and Keanu, and it was the breaking point in their relationship. Syme flooded her grief with wine, and one day, returning from a party drunk, she got into a fatal accident. Keanu locked himself in his house for several days after knowing about this. After that, he avoided talking about personal relationships for a long time.

Claire Forlani

This attractive actress not only helped Keanu believe in love again but also encouraged him to express his feelings. “I lived a slacker’s life. I couldn’t stay in one place for long. There’s got to be a gypsy in me. I enjoyed going from one place to the next. Apartments and hotels that have been rented. But it wasn’t until I was 40 that I understood I’d grown up. I have already bought my first own house in my life, ” he admitted in an interview.

Close friends of the couple claimed that Claire even heard the cherished “marry me” from Reeves. Things, however, did not go beyond words: Keanu was more often seen with his motorcycle than with the bride. It became clear that the future Mrs. Reeves was not in charge of the kitchen in his new house, and he himself again preferred to spend the night in motels.

Hallie Meyers-Shyer

True love, as you know, knows no bounds, even age. Keanu’s new lover turned out to be a very young lady, Hallie Meyers-Shyer, the daughter of famous screenwriters Nancy Myers and Charles Shyer, who is just 20 years old. The couple did not hide their relationship: Keanu kissed his girlfriend passionately in the New York café Pastis, not embarrassed by the lenses of the paparazzi.

They only lasted a year as a couple, and according to tradition, they did not get married. When journalists asked him what a female should be like to win over Keanu, he laughed and said, “Sympathy usually comes naturally.” A gesture, something in a gaze, or a particular tone of a voice may all captivate me. But my main love is work. I love her, and she demands maximum attention from me.”

Anna Skidanova

In the summer of 2013, Keanu, who has repeatedly declared himself a fan of Slavic beauty, was seen in the company of model and actress Anna Skidanova. “I saw he was staring at me. Keanu stood up and walked up to the waiter, who handed him a glass of brut and put it next to me. It was nice, somehow very masculine. He showed that he was interested in continuing the conversation, ” Skidanova described the story of their acquaintance.

Anna is tight-lipped about how serious their relationship was, though she hinted that it wasn’t only about one day on the yacht. But this time, 49-year-old Reeves rejected his youthful lover’s charms and stuck to his bachelor habits.

Alexandra Grant

Keanu’s latest presence at a Los Angeles social event made news: the 55-year-old actor arrived there, lovingly hugging his new partner. She turned out to be Alexandra Grant, a 46-year-old artist whom Reeves had known for a long time. They worked on an actor’s book in 2011 and then on another in 2016.

Despite holding each other’s hands at every opportunity, like teens in love, Keanu and Alexandra never publicly identified themselves as a couple and did not reveal the status of their relationship to the press. ” I’m looking for my soul partner. Keanu once said, “I’d like to find myself in harmony with a lady to whom I could devote my entire life.” Who knows, maybe Alexandra, who, by the way, like Keanu, has never been married, will become the very woman of his life?

Who is Keanu Reeves dating

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