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Who is Kathie Lee Gifford dating?

Kathie Lee Gifford’s success is unquestionably interesting, but her dating past has piqued the interest of some of her fans over the years. Let’s have a peek at her dating history. She has faced many challenges in her dating life, but she’s finally at a moment in her life when she’s in a really beautiful relationship with someone who is good and fun and healthy.

When it comes to romance, she’s seen it all and experienced her fair share of love, passionate romance, and betrayal. Gifford wants to enjoy a good relationship with someone special now that she’s had the best of both worlds.

Gifford dated other men and had a 29-year marriage before finding love in the arms of her new partner, whom she characterized as intellectual, humorous, as well as challenging. She expressed hope after her husband’s death that she might fall in love again one day. She, on the other hand, was not willing to expedite her search for Mr. Right. “We only have so much time on this earth; I want to make the most of it!” In June 2019, she exclusively said it in an interview. “God will bring someone into my life, and I will be overjoyed.” I’m not on the lookout for it. It’ll track me down!”

Scroll down before to know more who is she dating now and who she has dated before.

Who has Kathie Lee Gifford Dated?

Paul Johnson, 1976-1983

Kathie Lee’s first marriage, believe it or not, was not with Frank. Though the Emmy winner hasn’t talked much about their relationship, she was married to composer Paul Johnson from 1976 to 1983.

In her 2020 memoir, It’s Never Too Late, Kathie Lee makes one exception. According to Today, she wrote regarding Paul, “The truth is, it was merely a marriage on the pages of the law.” “Paul and I were married, but we only had one thing in common: our faith.”

Carl Weathers, 1984 – 1985

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Anson Carter, Rumored 2000 He is a retired professional ice hockey right winger who played for eight different clubs in the National Hockey League, including the Boston Bruins, Edmonton Oilers, and Vancouver Canucks. He played hockey for HC Lugano in the Swiss Nationalliga A last season and now works as a hockey analyst for NBC Sports and MSG Network.

Frank Gifford, 1986-2015

When Kathie Lee and Paul separated in 1983, and three years later, on October 18, 1986, she married Frank. In March 1990, they welcomed their first child, son Cody Gifford, less than two years after their married. Cassidy Gifford, Kathie Lee’s youngest child, was born in August 1993.

Despite suspicions of adultery in the late 1990s, Kathie Lee and Frank were married for 29 years until 2015. The actress from A Godwink Christmas broke the news of the footballer’s death in an emotional statement at the time.

The family released a statement saying, “It is with deepest grief that we announce the tragic departure of our beloved husband, father, and friend, Frank Gifford.” “Frank died of natural causes at his Connecticut home on a gorgeous Sunday morning. We are glad and happy to have been loved by such an incredible human being, and we rejoice in the extraordinary life he was privileged to live. We respectfully request that our privacy be maintained during this difficult time, and we appreciate your prayers.”

Kathie Lee is “deeply grateful for all the years” she spent with her longtime hubby, looking back on their decades-long love story. During their 30th wedding anniversary in October 2016, the TV host reflected on her relationship with the “beautiful man.”

“We had Frank for a long time and he was in good health, and we have a lot of memories,” she said, offering advice on how she copes. “You will become despondent if you keep thinking about what you have lost. Focus on what you still have, the memories you have, and the knowledge that one day you will all be reunited. I’m not implying that it’ll be simple. I’m claiming that it’s possible.”

Randy Cronk, 2018

Kathie Lee’s life was uprooted from Connecticut after Frank’s death, and she relocated to Nashville in 2018. She was casually dating at the time, including Randy Cronk, whom she revealed during an appearance on Today.

“It’s strange. You know, it’s surreal. Beause the world’s changed so much, you know. But he is a gentleman, so it was fine. It was fine. It was fun,” the celebrity gushed while raving over her first date in more than 30 years.

But things never eventually got serious between them. “I got so busy,” she explained. “We’re just from different worlds.”

Kathie Lee’s New Man

While the doting mom of two has yet to divulge exactly who she’s now dating, Kathie Lee made sure to let viewers know how happy she is in her new relationship during her appearance on Today in April 2021. The former “Live With Regis and Kathie Lee” host has discovered love in the arms of an interesting man whose name or identity she declined to divulge during an interview where she spoke of it.

She added that she and her mystery partner are having a blast and spending quality time together. She believes that at this point in her life, all she requires is someone who will bring her joy and happiness.

“To be in a place where you feel happy about every part of your life, where nothing is missing, is a beautiful place to be. “I’m simply grateful,” she told hosts Savannah Guthrie, Al Roker, and Carson Daly, adding that she doesn’t want to give too many specifics yet because she “doesn’t want to mess it up.”

Kathie Lee Gifford

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