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Who is Dababy dating?

DaBaby, real name Jonathan Lyndale Kirk, is a rapper and composer from the United States. ‘Baby on Baby,’ his breakthrough debut studio album, is his most well-known work. DaBaby was born in Cleveland, Ohio, and reared in Charlotte, North Carolina. He was the youngest of his parents’ three children. Even as a child, he had run-ins with the authorities. He graduated from Charlotte’s ‘Zebulon B. Vance High School.’ He has been passionate in music since he was a child, but he just began serious about being a wrapper in 2014. Soon after, he began rapping under the alias “Baby Jesus.” DaBaby rose to notoriety after releasing his debut mixtape, ‘Nonfiction,’ in 2015. His big success, however, came with the release of his single ‘Light Show’ in 2016.

On internet music-streaming sites, the song earned millions of plays. DaBaby continued to release mixtapes on a regular basis during the following few years. The ‘Baby Talk’ series of recordings became quite popular among the general public. DaBaby stated in early 2019 that he has secured a record deal with ‘Interscope Records.’ ‘Baby on Baby,’ his debut major-label album, was released in March 2019. The record received worldwide acclaim and economic success.

It’s really no secret that North Carolina rapper DaBaby has a thing for ladies. If you’ve watched any of his music videos or listened to any of his songs, you’ll recognize at least a few phrases or imagery involving girls twerking as a preamble to frequently crazy sexual behaviour. Of course, this is a frequent theme in popular hip hop, and it usually parallels the rappers’ personal life, since they are continuously idolized and pursued by girls who want to be intimate with them.

Who has Dababy Dated?

Despite the hundreds of women with whom most rappers hang, male hip hop performers maintain deep connections with their female counterparts. DaBaby was an exception for a while, but no one can remain strong indefinitely. After over a year of rumours and social media insults between DaniLeigh and DaBaby’s baby mom, Meme, DaBaby and singer DaniLeigh made their relationship public in 2020.

Dani Leigh

DaBaby and DaniLeigh, an American singer, were originally linked in March 2020, when the rapper appeared in her music video for their duet ‘Levi High.’ The duo rejected the rumours, but were sighted at the same West Hollywood hotel during quarantine. Around this time, DaniLeigh and the mother of DaBaby’s child, MeMe, got into an online argument. DaniLeigh was labelled “obsessed” by MeMe, who accused her of blocking her, and the two exchanged a series of shady sub-tweets. Danileigh later tweeted a selfie of herself in bed with a man who looked to be DaBaby before they were seen holding hands in public.

DaniLeigh announced their romance in December 2020 by posting a cosy selfie of herself snuggling up to the rapper with the message, “My baby idc.” The following February, though, the singer declared herself “officially single.” Despite the fact that the couple dissolved their relationship, it is widely assumed that DaBaby is the father of Danileigh’s pregnant kid. The rumours started after the actress ‘liked’ her pregnancy announcement post. They were then fueled when she tweeted a photo of herself cuddling her baby belly with the caption ‘#dabiggest,’ which many assumed was a play on the rapper’s name.


DaBaby and ‘Wild ‘n Out’ singer B. Simone fueled dating rumours in early 2020 when she starred in his single ‘Find My Way’ music video. B. Simone has previously expressed her feelings for the rapper, whose true name is Jonathan Lyndale Kirk, although it is believed the two never dated. Rumours resurfaced after DaBaby appeared on ‘Wild ‘n Out’ with Simone, as viewers saw their chemistry, although the couple is still regarded to be pals.


DaBaby and his ex-girlfriend MeMe met through common acquaintances years ago and remain, friends, even though they are no longer together. MeMe, a barber, is the rapper’s daughter’s father and has described him as a “wonderful” father. MeMe, on the other hand, has been in the centre of turmoil with DaBaby’s now-ex-girlfriend, DaniLeigh, on several occasions. MeMe and DaniLeigh had an online feud after Dani and DaBaby began dating in March 2020. DaniLeigh was labelled “obsessed” by MeMe, who accused her of blocking her, and the two exchanged a series of shady sub-tweets. Later that year, Dani was accused of being a “homewrecker” after allegedly interfering with MeMe and DaBaby, which she denied.



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