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Who is Adele Dating?

We all know Adele. One of the best recording artists of our generation. Though she is a mystery. Adele has been silent about her romances throughout the years, preferring to communicate the pleasures and pains of love via her songs. Fans have started to question who the Grammy-winner has been singing about all these years, as she looks to have found a new boyfriend in NBA agent Rich Paul. Adele’s relationship history is detailed here, including the two mysterious men that inspired some of her finest work.

“Mr. 19”

Adele’s first album, ’19,’ had songs about her unfaithful ex. Adele’s debut record, “19,” was heavily influenced by a lover who cheated on her before she became famous. While she has never revealed his identity, she did say that she dumped him by text message in a 2008 interview with The Guardian.

“I’d rather folks write it down in a message, text, or email,” she said at the time. “I broke up with my lover through text message. “I can’t do it any longer.’

Meanwhile, “Daydreamer” was about a friend she became fond of who left her 18th birthday party with another person after she bared her soul to him.

Adele later told the Sun that Mr. 19 had been phoning her “for almost a week and was deadly serious about it.” So, we can go ahead and speculate as to who this Mr. 19 was, but we think it’s quite impossible.

“Mr. 21”

Adele’s 2011 single “21” was written over a three-month period following a breakup.

The diva was inspired by Universal Music Life for the second time when she created “21” in 2011. She elected to keep her partner’s name hidden once more, although she did explain that the album was created over the course of three months following a difficult break-up.

Dan Wilson, the co-writer of the blockbuster “Someone Like You,” told American Songwriter that Adele “told me she wanted to make a song about her grief… She told me a little about the guy who dumped her.”

According to Adele’s biography, the heartbreaker in issue is fashion photographer Alex Sturrock — and Adele did, in fact, yell out someone named “Alex” during an awards event but neither party has confirmed or denied this rumor.

Who has Adele Dated?

Simon Konecki

Simon Konecki and Adele were married for three years before divorcing.

In 2011, the “Someone Like You” singer began dating Simon Konecki, with whom she had a son, Angelo, in 2012.

“It’s the most serious relationship I’ve ever been in; we have a child together and live together,” she told interviewers in December 2016. The couple were seen out together a bunch of times.  The couple married in March 2017, but the marriage was short-lived, and the couple divorced in April 2019, with Adele filing for divorce in September.

Adele was reported to be concentrating on self-improvement after the separation. She was taking care of herself, both mentally and physically. The divorce was seen as a shock by people, as Adele had called it the best thing to ever happen to her. The people couldn’t get enough, and she was a major topic of conversation during this period.


Skepta, a UK rapper, was said to have started dating the singer one month after she filed for divorce. No one is really sure if they were in fact dating, or it was just rumors and speculation.  Adele and UK rapper Skepta were said to have gone on “a few dates” in October 2019, only a month after the Grammy winner filed for divorce from Konecki.

The pop diva and grime MC allegedly dated discreetly for a year until People reported in October 2020 that things were “heating up” between them. Soon after, Adele tried to put an end to the rumors by declaring she was single on Instagram. However, the couple was last spotted together in July 2021 while shopping at a budget mall located outside of San Bernardino, California. It is not certain that it wasn’t just a friendship that was turned into something more that it wasn’t. Neither of them has ever confirmed their connection.

Rich Paul

Adele with her reported new love interest, NBA agent Rich Paul. The couple were seen together a lot of times out and about and especially at NBA games.

By sitting together during Game 5 of the NBA Finals in July 2021, the “Hello” singer and sports agent Rich Paul fueled relationship rumors. On his “The Lowe Post” podcast, ESPN’s Brian Windhorst was the first to refer to Adele as Paul’s “girlfriend.” Days later, Page Six verified the story, citing a source who said they’re “100%” dating.



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