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Who is Chelsea Handler Dating?

If you’re familiar with Chelsea Handler, you’ll know that she’s always kept herself busy. The 46-year-old presenter has done a great deal in her life. She’s been in television series and films hosted her own late-night talk shows and written a book. Chelsea has created a name for herself in the entertainment sector.

Despite being involved in a number of important projects throughout the years, she has made time for her love life. You may be asking if the actress has married anyone, and to answer your query, she hasn’t. That fortunate individual is still looking for her. She has, however, dated several well-known guys. So, if you’re intrigued, keep scrolling to explore Chelsea’s dating history which includes a well-known rapper.

Who has Chelsea Handler Dated?

Ted and the comedian began dating in 2006. He was the CEO of Comcast Entertainment Group at the time and was in control of E! and other cable networks. That same year, her debut E! series, The Chelsea Handler Show, premiered. You can probably hazard a guess as to how the couple met.

After years of dating, they decided to split up in 2010 because they found themselves combining business and pleasure. Work was being done away from the office, which put a strain on their relationship. “When I got home from work, Ted would ask, ‘Do you want to watch your program?’ and I’d say, ‘No, I just got home from my show.’ That is the very last thing I would want to do.’ That’s why it didn’t work out in the end. I believe, “In 2012, she told Marie Claire.

Dave Salmoni

Dave Salmoni, the Animal Planet star was also speculated to have been dating Chelsea Handler. The two were barely together for a few months in 2010, but the most memorable element of their relationship was when Chelsea handled the split on her talk show. “I was working extremely closely with Animal Planet until a few weeks ago, but sadly, that relationship was cancelled,” she explained. “However, I loved being in bed with them and may link up for a project now and again.”

50 Cent

Following that relationship, Chelsea had a relationship with rapper 50 Cent. The coupling seems unexpected, yet they appeared to have a good time together. They never announced that they were dating, but Chelsea didn’t deny that they were romantically linked when their affair was brought up in an interview on Piers Morgan Tonight. “I was simply getting a feel for the mood and seeing what was out there,” she explained to Piers. “I was freshly single and wanted to date a variety of individuals, which I did. And now I’m full.”

People wondered whether they were a relationship because they were seen out in public together several times in 2010, and there was even a photo of them appearing extremely comfy with one another circulating on social media.

After they dated for a short time, 50 Cent referenced her in an interview with Vibe magazine. “Chelsea is upbeat. Confidence, in my opinion, is the most attractive aspect of a person. She’s the type of person that, if you have the chance to hang out with her, you’ll have a good time “He stated.

André Balazs

Chelsea dated hotelier André Balazs on and off for some time. She and the ex-owner of the Standard Hotel chain had been dating for nearly two years, although not on a regular basis. In a 2013 interview with Oprah, she said that she and the hospitality entrepreneur had broken up a few times but were still attempting to establish a life together. Chelsea discussed how their hectic and varied schedules have taken a toll on their relationship, and how they’ve understood that they need to support each other equally.

When Oprah questioned if she was in love, she stated “absolutely,” adding that she had “met her match.” Unfortunately, Chelsea revealed in one of her episodes later that year in 2013 that she and André had called it quits.

Bobby Flay

She met Bobby Flay on a date. She told Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club that she went on a date with Bobby Flay and that was the end of it. “I did not date Bobby Flay; I did go on one date with Bobby Flay,” she said. But, according to reports, he didn’t even cook for her on their date, so did it even count?! She never pursued a relationship with Bobby and is presently single.


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