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Who is Trevor Noah dating?

Trevor Noah, the host of Comedy Central’s The Daily Show, has gained popularity since taking over the show from Jon Stewart. He is a bestselling novelist in addition to providing us news from a humorous perspective. His book, Born of Crime is heartbreaking and hilarious.

He also surprised many people when Time magazine named him one of the world’s 100 most important people in 2018. Not bad for someone who is only 38 years old and is new to both the country and the celebrity world, compared with other stars.

To pursue a career, the South African native left his homeland, family, and girlfriend. He is now widely considered as one of the top comedians in the business. Trevor Noah is undeniably a ruse, and he’s single? Everything you need to know about his marital status is right here.

Dani Gabriel 

Dani Gabriel, who Trevor Noah is dating, appeared to be happy together. They met in South Africa, just as his career was about to take off. She is a successful physical therapist with her own practice.

Gabriel was a strong supporter of Noah’s career, and she accompanied him on tour throughout the world as much as she could. He woke up and went to his part-time job as a foreign journalist for The Daily Show. When the producers called to talk about how he’d run the program, he knew he’d have to relocate to New York.

Gabriel had no intention of continuing his profession or moving with him. Their relationship ended, but based on interviews and social media posts, she is still supportive of his success.

Jordin Taylor 

He began dating former singer and model Jordyn Taylor shortly after arriving in America. Because of how soon he left Dani Gabriel at the start of their relationship, there was some controversy.

Many others also noticed the strange physical resemblance between the two ladies. Yes, he has a type: brown hair, brown eyes, dark skin, and a thin body.

Many people loved the couple’s relationship because they were so infatuated with each other, and their love and passion appeared inextricably related to how social media was flooded with their love photographs.

Trevor and Jordyn have been seen by many at several red carpet events and vacations since they started dating. Trevor Noah and Jordyn Taylor were undeniably the ideal pair, based on their career.

Their romance came to an end in 2018. Although neither side has stated why the relationship ended, Taylor has shared the news with her Instagram fans. She also told them that she loved him.

In response to one fan’s question, “Do you love Trevor Noah?”, Taylor replied  “Of course I love him.  How could you not fall in love with him? I adore him, but you should be aware that we split up this summer, but I still love him.” 

Mink Kelly 

Trevor Noah has a new girlfriend. The host of The Daily Show is presently dating actress Minka Kelly. While neither side has confirmed or denied the rumors, and Trevor and Minka are known for keeping their personal lives private, recent events show that the couple is not just dating, but also in a somewhat steady relationship.

Despite the dating rumors, many fans of the late-night show are curious as to when Trevor began dating Minka and how serious their relationship is.

Trevor and Minka seem to have been dating for most of 2020, but owing to the industry’s shutdown, they didn’t have to work as hard to keep their romance hidden.

The couple is “extremely happy” and “in a very serious relationship”.  Trevor and Minka were first spotted in New York during the summer, sparking early speculation about their married couple. To top it off, it looks like the two have been self-isolating together for the past year.

The new couple met through mutual acquaintances, who told Trevor of Minka’s strong feelings for him. They’ve been together since Trevor extended his hand. Trevor is a young man and very private about his personal life, and neither he nor Minka have confirmed the relationship.

Trevor Noah is not against marriage, but against living together

But why is the author of Born of Crime still single? Trevor Noah expressed his feelings regarding love and marriage in an interview, noting that he is not against marriage, but just against living together.

Noah, who has opposing views on marriage, proposed that individuals realize that they may be married and still live apart.

He says; “Even if you’re married, I believe you should never live together… Cohabitation, I believe, is one of the primary reasons individuals get divorced and relationships end.”

Who is Trevor Noah dating

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