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Who is Simone Biles dating?

Even though Simone Biles’ dating history is limited, it is clear that she has a penchant for sporty men. The Olympic gymnast has had two prominent romances while in the limelight, including her engagement to NFL player Jonathan Owens. Only two years after they began dating in March 2020, Simone and Jonathan made their engagement official on February 15, 2022. The football player proposed on Valentine’s Day in a charming manner by getting on one knee. THE SIMPLEST YES. I can’t wait to be with you all of the time. You surpass my wildest dreams in every way! Let’s get married, FIANCÉ,” Simone captioned a few of the couple’s Instagram engagement pictures.

Before dating Jonathan, Simone dated Stacey Ervin Jr., a former national team gymnast, for three years. In the end, the long-term couple divorced in March 2020. “It’s difficult to leave a long-term relationship when you’re young. However, everything worked out best,” Simone previously told Vogue. Although Simone never directly stated the reason for her and Stacey’s breakup, the Ohio native did mention a significant change in her life that occurred during the coronavirus quarantine. “I believe that being out of our comfort zone for so long is difficult for athletes. That kind of upsets your equilibrium said, Simone.”Because when you exercise, endorphins are released. You vent any rage. It resembles our paradise. You have been confined to your house and your own thoughts without that.

The four-time gold medalist, fortunately, developed the ability to “live” and “read more deeply” into such ideas. Simone said, “At the gym, it’s a nice diversion, so I never truly live with my thoughts. What are the depths of it at this point? I occasionally jot down brief notes regarding my emotions. It’s obvious that Simone’s reflection had some beneficial effects, particularly on her love life. Early in August 2020, she and Jonathan made their Instagram accounts public. At the time, Simone accompanied two cute selfies with the phrase “It’s just us.” Simone praised the Houston Texans defender, a former student of Missouri Western State, during a subsequent virtual visit on Today.

He is a true man. I cherish him. We had a terrific time together, she said in the interview on January 22. Our personalities mesh well. We laugh at the same things. He’s simply amazing. We genuinely understand one other because he is an athlete as well, and I believe this is the reason why our relationship has been easy.

Stacey Ervin Jr.

It appears that Simone and Stacey have erased all traces of their connection and each other from their separate social media profiles.

Jonathan Owens

Although it’s unknown when Simone and Jonathan started dating, it appears that it was in the spring of 2020. She shared a birthday shout-out for him on her Instagram Story on July 22, 2020. Along with a picture of Jonathan giving her a piggyback ride, Simone wrote, “Hope this year gives you all you desire and more.”

As of the summer of 2021, it appears like the couple is still together! “ What a wonderful experience. It was my first time seeing you compete live, and you didn’t disappoint.

Being able to watch you do what you enjoy and excel at it makes me really proud of you, little champ. Next are trials, and you already know I’ll be there. Love you, sweetie,” Jonathan wrote beside Simone in an Instagram image from June 7. In 2022, the pair advanced their romance by becoming engaged on Valentine’s Day.

Who is Simone Biles dating

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