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Who is Karol G dating?

Carolina Giraldo Navarro (Carolina Giraldo Navarro, born February 14, 1991) is a Colombian reggaeton singer and songwriter, Grammy Latino winner, under the stage name Karol G (Carol G). The songs “Ahora Me Llama”, “Mi Cama” and “Culpables” hit the US Top 10 on the Billboard Latin American Chart. 

She is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful singers in the world. And the characters with whom Karol G fell in love are listed below, along with additional assumptions that have been proven.

Karol G Boyfriend Past and Present

1. Thomas

Chez Tom is a DJ who is Karol G dating, is the first on our list. while she was a backing vocalist for the musician Reykon at the start of her career. Love bloomed in the midst of a busy day at work.

According to the media, they had a short romance because they followed different routes in the music profession. Despite the fact that their relationship ended, they remained on good terms.

2. Reikon

Reikon is a Colombian reggaeton singer who won the Premios Nuestra Tierra. He launched with Karol G.’s theme “301”, which also allowed the composer to position himself on several radio stations and TV channels, giving concerts in countries such as Aruba, Colombia, Ecuador and the United States.

The end of their relationship is reported to have been a disaster. He mentioned that they hadn’t chatted in a while, while she stated that their breakup was due to their mutual success, since Reikon never contacted her to cooperate again.

3. Ovy on the Drums 

She is dating a music producer named Ovy on the Drums. Between 2015 and 2016, Karol G., despite the fact that neither has confirmed anything. On the other hand, words of love were sent over social media. “I’m in a good mood today.” Please don’t ask me why. When there is for whom” she wrote in November 2015 in a photo where they look together.

Despite the fact that it is unknown whether their friendship was more than a normal friendship, they continue to get along well and cooperate on certain songs, such as “Tusa.”

4. Bull Nene

Bull Nene is a music producer who was in a relationship with Karol G. from 2017 to 2018, however, the relationship ended peacefully. They came to an end because their designs did not allow them to grow independently in their respective areas.

“We gave up a lot of job chances in order to figure out how to be, how to see ourselves in the same manner as everyone else.” “Having time to concentrate is the most important thing,” Karol G. explained.

5. Annual AA

Karol G’s story with Anuel AA is most well-known in the media. After meeting while shooting “Guilty,” the two began dating in the summer of 2018 and later made their relationship official.

They intended to marry in March 2021, but their preparations came to an end. Anuel AA has now removed all of his Instagram posts with Karol G and is dating Yailin La Mas Viral.

6. Feid

Feid is a Colombian reggaeton musician who has worked with J Balvin and Sebastian Yatra, among others. His relationship with Karol G. is unproven, as it emerged when Almost Nothing translator’s followers saw a tweet from her in mid-December 2021.

The rumors became stronger when the singer requested him to open up during one of her “Bichota Tour” concerts, and they began to “rear” in the middle of the show. The fact is that no one said whether or not they had anything.

7. Dyke Gamboa

The Medellin-based singer and other artists’ creative director is Daiki Gamboa. He and Karol G. went to a concert between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Salt Lake City Jazz. They were also seen during a Billie Eilish event in Austin, Texas, so this isn’t the first time they’ve been seen up close.

In addition, as a symbol of their love for each other, they both got tattoos in July 2021. Gamboa wrote. “It doesn’t matter if it looks ugly; what matters is love and the story of such a lovely friendship.”

8. James Rodriguez

Rumors of a probable love relationship between Karol G and James Rodriguez have emerged. According to the speculations, the globally known singer and Colombia’s 10th national team player will keep their relationship a secret for several months.

While the rumor has yet to be confirmed, fans have been looking for signs on James and Carol G’s social media. The first signs appeared in mid-2021 when a Colombian athlete posted a selfie of himself with the singer on social media. Salome, the footballer’s daughter, also shared images of herself with Karol G.

Who is Karol G dating

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