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Who is Jacob Elordi dating?

Jacob Elordi is one of television’s top stars right now. The actor, known for his towering height, great acting talents, and lovely Australian accent, rapidly created waves throughout the world (and it’s not hard to understand why). With the release of Euphoria season two, there has been fresh interest in Elordi both on and off-screen. Is he, in fact, single? What is his type and who has he dated?

Who Is Jacob Elordi Dated?

Bianca Finch

We can’t say we’re shocked that Jacob’s one period wasn’t very long. The actor was most recently seen on a park date with LA model Bianca Finch, shooting shots with his vintage camera and playing with several very lovely dogs, including Elordi’s golden retriever, Layla. Neither couple has commented on the apparent love affair, and neither follows the other on Instagram. This either indicates they’re attempting to confuse people on purpose, or there’s nothing going on. Who knows right now?

Kaia Gerber

Jacob and Kaia started dating rumours in September 2020 after they were photographed on a date at Nobu. A source told E! News at the time that the couple was dating “have a lot of similar acquaintances and have been out a lot in the past They have extremely similar personalities and hobbies. Kaia’s family likes Jacob, and he makes her giggle.”

Their romance was formally confirmed a month later when they were seen kissing. Kaia then uploaded an Instagram story of the roses she received from Jacob on Valentine’s Day.

Kaia chatted with Vogue in May 2021, providing an inside look into their typically secretive relationship. “Being able to be with someone I trust, where we don’t expect anything from each other, has truly opened my eyes to the possibilities of love and what it feels like to love without restrictions. Lust is touching or wanting other people, but love is really seeing someone “she told the newspaper. Unfortunately, the couple announced their breakup in November 2021, with E! News reporting that it was amicable. Another insider told Life & Style that the separation was prompted by their “conflicted” schedules.

Olivia Jade

Elordi has lately been seen on many occasions with influencer Olivia Jade. They were originally associated in December 2021 after being seen on a date in Los Angeles. According to a source who spoke to People at the time, “Olivia and Jacob are going on dates.” According to another insider, the couple had “been on few outings” but were “keeping it light.” Along with insider verification, sources were flowing into DeuxMoi’s email, with one claiming to have seen the duo “looking paired up at Hyde,” where they allegedly sat at a booth from 1:30-3 am. They were observed “eating lunch together” the next day in a Los Angeles Cafe.

Jacob announced his split with model Kaia Gerber after over a year of dating soon before the prospective relationship. Olivia had also just terminated her relationship with Jackson Guthy, whom she had seen on and off since 2019. We’d put him in the ‘coupled-up’ category as a result of this revelation, but it looks like we may be able to get him out. Olivia was photographed exiting a West Hollywood hotel with a tall, brunette mystery man who was not Jacob in late January 2022. The Australian beauty is currently back in Australia, taking a well-deserved break and visiting friends and family. So, does this mean we have a decent chance on our own turf?


Zendaya and Jacob were pictured together on vacation in Greece, sending fans into orbit. A source told US Weekly that they “appeared like they were getting a bit intimate.” They were strolling with each other and flirting at one point.”

They have been photographed together again in October 2019, on a movie date at the Sherman Oaks Galleria in California, after returning home. Then, in November, they went to Australia to visit Jacob’s relatives. Fans were taken aback in December when Jacob addressed Zendaya as his “sister” in an interview with GQ Australia.

“She reminds me of my sister. Zendaya is a fantastic artist, you know? She’s a blast to work with “he told the newspaper. In February 2020, the couple was caught kissing in New York, throwing fans into a surprise again. They were last seen together in March 2020, nearly six months before Jacob’s first date with Kaia.

Joey King

In 2017, Jacob and Joey met on the set of The Kissing Booth. According to King, the two grew quite close very soon. In an interview with Bello magazine, she stated: “When we first met, I thought he was really cute, but it started as a friendship. We started chatting about disgusting stuff right away. But after a while, I realized, ‘Hey, I believe I like this person!'”

While there is no official confirmation of when their relationship began, King told Seventeen that she began to see him as more than just a buddy around a month into filming in 2017. Elordi and King made their Instagram relationship public in April 2017 after uploading a selfie of them near the Hollywood sign. In June, King made her Instagram debut with a birthday homage to the actor. Unfortunately, when the couple divorced, they deleted all internet traces of their connection. Given the lack of social media updates in November 2018, people began to doubt their relationship status. On November 14th, Elordi declared his retirement on social media, whereas King posted the next day, “Thank god I have my puppy tho.”


Jacob Elordi

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