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Who is Christian Aparicio dating?

Christian Aparicio has been suffering from depression for many years because he has never been successful as a bullfighter. But has he been successful in love? Let’s keep reading to know more about his dating history.

Christian Aparicio dating?

The Internet is full of information about Christian Aparicio and Michelle Vieth’s relationship. But it is certainly full of scandals.

Since Michelle Vieth is with Christian Aparicio, the scandals have not allowed her to live in peace, when it seemed that Michelle Vieth had left all the problems behind, her husband’s lover, Michelle Esparza, from Aguascalientes, appeared.

The young woman told TV Notes that she has been dating the bullfighter for four years and that Christian Aparicio, the father of two of the host and actress’s children, has disputed that she is dating Michelle.

Vieth’s husband’s girlfriend sent an audio recording to the magazine’s offices where she claims to have received threats from the bullfighter’s mother, who warned her that she was ruining a marriage by dating a married guy with two kids.

Christian Aparicio’s mother repeatedly reiterated to Michelle Esparza that she lived with the actress and that she was lying to her when she told her that she was not with her. She then played an audio clip in which Michelle Vieth can be heard asking her husband about the young woman; however, he consistently denies knowing her and even swears to her children that they are not connected.

On February 16, Michelle Vieth published a photo with her ex, the bullfighter Christian Aparicio, to the amazement of all her followers. They were going through a difficult divorce, as she recounted, and by the end of 2019, she had actually shouted to the four winds that she had given herself a fresh chance in love with the musician Luis Caballero.

The actress had a difficult year in 2019 as she dealt with the divorce process from Aparicio and rumors in the media that she had cheated on the bullfighter with Caballero. She claimed that her ex-partner, De Ella Héctor Soberón, was violent, and attacked her.

Christian Aparicio took his children from her since mid-December of 2019 and has not allowed the actress to see them.  Michelle Vieth said that he even threatened to kill her and her children.

Michelle lived and also explained that Christian was a very violent person and had psychological and action problems. She is terrified because she knows that Christian is a very aggressive, super violent man, he has hit her and insulted; she has suffered physical and psychological violence, they had a toxic and fractured relationship for several years, so now she is afraid that he will harm her children.

Michelle Vieth surprised by this photograph

The actress from a soap opera left blank space next to the photo she published, in which she and Christian Aparicio, with whom she started a divorce procedure in 2019, appear extremely affectionate and joyful. She made sure to include the bullfighter’s name in the post and have her autograph the image.

Her supporters showered him with blessings and heart-shaped emoticons. Although her relationship with musician El Potro ended months ago, several people were surprised to not see her with him, and one of them asked her, “Have you returned with the toxic one yet?”

“Yes, it is taxing and exhausting because many women experience this condition. Sometimes it goes well, sometimes it goes badly, sometimes regular,” she commented in 2019 when she was questioned about her divorce process.

The divorce petition was surrounded by rumors of infidelity

She stated in the same interview that “It is still in court, in process, and the day it ends I will be the happiest and I will shout it from the rooftops,” while some tabloid media noted that she had a relationship with Caballero while others noted that the bullfighter had also been unfaithful to him.

When asked who would stay with the two kids, the actress responded, “The constitution is very clear and says that those under 14 years of age, and my four children are under 14 years of age, must stay with their mother.” 

Who is Christian Aparicio dating

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