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Who is G-Dragon dating?

G-Dragon is not just a singer. This artist became a phenomenon in the history of Korean pop music, setting a very high standard for performers in the present and in the future. He is a style icon and a businessman who also sings, writes music and lyrics, raps, and produces. G-popularity Dragon’s has spread far beyond the borders of his homeland, as the singer has repeatedly “blown up” the charts of countries all over the world, and he remains among the most famous Korean musicians.

Personal life

Kwon Ji Yong is single and has no kids. Fans frequently focus on the idol’s personal life, but journalists lack reliable information about G-novels Dragon because the singer doesn’t discuss this topic. As a result, much gossip is based on the musician’s Instagram photos and the pages of tabloid publications.

He shared writing credits for novels with a variety of people, including singers Sandara Park and Kim Taeyong, Japanese models Kiko Mizuhara and Nana Komatsu, and ballerina Kim Jina. G-Dragon, the artists, or their representatives have not provided any evidence to support any of these hypotheses. The singer himself said that he was not inclined to reveal the relationship, because it would harm his girlfriend in the first place.

Fans do, however, have access to enough information about Ji Yong’s life off the stage, aside from romantic relationships. It is known that he has a warm and trusting relationship with his family – even the artist’s finances are still run by his mother, despite the singer’s no longer youthful age. Another interesting fact is that Ji Yong is almost a year older in Korea than in Europe because there, age is measured from the date of conception rather than from the day of birth.

G-Dragon gave his parents his own hotel because he adores his sister and young niece. The singer’s mom and dad called him “Dolce Vita” – a tattoo with these words adorns Ji Yong’s right hand.

The attention to detail and distinctive style of Kwon also come from his family. The boy’s mother had excellent taste, and she sewed clothes that helped her express her uniqueness, so fashion was all around him from an early age.

Now G-appearance Dragon is his calling card. The singer looks androgynous due to his physique (he is 177 cm tall and weighs 54 kg), and he is not afraid to try new looks. Fans are looking forward to the next bright concert costumes of the musician, and also wondering what the color of his hair will be next – Ji Yong was painted literally in all the colors of the rainbow, and each time it looked not kitsch, but part of an integral image.

Who is G-Dragon dating?

G-Dragon is a nice guy and a very gifted artist. He has a lot of female celebrity friends, which can be a little challenging for him.

His friends are frequently confused with his girlfriends. Is it his girls who are mistaken for G-Dragon girlfriends, or the other way around?

CL And G-Dragon

Although their friendship is very endearing, do you think they might have been romantically involved?

Their relationship has long been the subject of rumors, which only intensify with each picture they post together.

Taeyong And G-Dragon

When the artists posted nearly identical stories on their social media accounts, complete with the same caption, fans started to suspect that they were dating. Even observant fans claimed to have spotted their matching rings.

Nana Komatsu And G-Dragon

When they were spotted together at the Chanel show in Seoul, the first dating rumors started to spread. Then their conversation evolved into a group photo shoot. But the real rumors began to spread when their photos were leaked online.

Sohi And G-Dragon

There were rumors that G-Dragon and Sohee were dating back in 2008. Due to the fact that they shared an office, the rumor started to spread. Sohi accepted having a slight crush on G-Dragon.

Hara And G-Dragon

When a picture of the couple as well as Gain and Sulli was posted online, the rumors got started. Hara’s agency swiftly issued a statement denying the relationship before the rumors picked up steam.

Mizuhara Kiko And G-Dragon

They allegedly began dating in 2014 and split up in 2016. They never openly confirmed their relationship, but in 2014, Dispatch published a picture of them on a date.

Dara And G-Dragon

These rumors have been circulating for almost ever, but they never stop. They were first created when the duo worked together on the song “Hello.” Later, the couple’s departure from the Big Bang concert was made known to fans. Some people even said they were seen kissing. And although the artists continue to say that they are just friends, the shippers do not stop. 

Lee Joo Young And G-Dragon

Most likely, you’re wondering why 2017 was left out. The publication provided photographic evidence of G-Dragon from BIGBANG and Lee Joo Young from Afterschool spending three days together on Jeju Island. The couple actually didn’t need the paparazzi’s confirmation because they did a good job of it themselves. Therefore, Lee Joo Young published several images of GD’s home on Instagram but as soon as observant followers noticed the interior, she quickly deleted the post.

Jennie And G-Dragon

In February 2021 that Jennie and G-Dragon were dating and it was proved by the paparazzi photos of the couple. Even though YG Entertainment hasn’t establish statistical their relationship, many online users have inferred that the two are dating as a result of media reports.

On May 21, however, internet users claimed that Jennie and G-Dragon had broken up. They claimed that while still following the other BLACKPINK members, G-Dragon’s private Instagram account unfollowed Jennie’s account.

Who is G-Dragon dating

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