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Who is Brian Jordan Dating?

Brian Jordan is on March 29, 1967 in Baltimore, Maryland, Usa. His a former Major League Baseball player who had an impressive sixteen year career as an outfielder from 1992 to 2006. During that time, he played with five different teams including the St. Louis Cardinals, Atlanta Braves and Los Angeles Dodgers. His most success came in 1999 when he was selected to the All-Star team and helped the Atlanta Braves reach the World Series.

Let’s take a closer look at what’s been going on in Brian Jordan romantic life – who is he dating right now, and how his love story unfolded? We’ll uncover some intriguing facts about the Baseball star alongside exploring his past relationships. Ready for an exclusive peek into Sadie’s private world? Let’s dive in!

Real Name
Brian Jordan
Date of Birth
March 29, 1967
Baltimore, Maryland, USA
Dating Status Married
Pam Jordan
6′ 1″ (1.85 m)

Who is Brian Jordan Dating

Brian Jordan is notoriously private when it comes to his personal life, but the baseball star is already married to Pam Jordan. Given the couple’s penchant for keeping their privacy, it’s likely we won’t know much about them.

Pam Jordan, Brian Jordan’s wife

Brian Jordan is married to Pam Jordan. Brian and Pam have been married since 1996 and Pam has managed to remain at her husband’s side throughout his long professional athletics career, as well as following him on his various other endeavors. Together they have four children, who often make appearances with their supportive parents at different events.

Brian Jordan’s Past Relationship

Baseball Player Brian Jordan  is notoriously tight-lipped about his romantic life. But what we do know is that he have 1 past relationships. So stay tuned for any juicy updates on the Baseball Player  Star relationships! 

Brian Jordan romantic history can be tough to keep up with – but it’s a fun game of detective! While there may be rumors and speculation out there, his official dating record is constantly changing. Even today where sharing is the norm, celebrities continue to astound us with their remarkable ability to keep details of their lives out of the public eye. 

So if you have the latest scoop on who he could possibly end up with next, please let us know!

Brian Jordan’s Basaball Career

Brian Jordan was drafted by the St. Louis Cardinals in 1988 and had his first professional at-bat in 1989. He played outfield for the Cardinals and then for the Atlanta Braves from 1992 to 1999. In 1999, he helped the Braves win the National League championship. After that, he played for a few different teams and retired from baseball in 2006. After retiring from baseball, Jordan became a sportscaster for Fox Sports South.

Brian Jordan Braves Broadcast

Brian Jordan is a beloved former Atlanta Brave, an All-Star outfielder turned Major League pitcher, and now one of the most beloved sports commentators on Fox Sports South. He began his broadcasting career in 2004 with play-by-play announcing for Braves games. Since then, he’s been an everyday fixture in the Braves booth giving insight to the game with passionate enthusiasm. Jordan’s knowledge of the game is unmatched as he brings close to 22 years of MLB experience to his audience. His infectious personality has made him one of baseball’s most popular announcers today and all eyes are on him when he takes to the airwaves on every Braves broadcast. Every game involving the Braves just wouldn’t be complete without Brian Jordan in the booth calling it for Fox Sports South.

Frequently asked questions about Brian Jordan

Who is Brian Jordan?

Brian Jordan is a former Major League Baseball.

Is Brian Jordan Married?

Yes to Pam Jordan.

How Many Children(s) does Brian Jordan have?

Yes, Brian Jordan have 4 children’s.

Did Brian Jordan Won World Series?

Unfortunately Brian did not won word series but he helped the Atlanta win the NL pennant and reach the World Series in 1999.

What is the zodiac sign of Brian Jordan?

His Zodiac sign is Aries.


Who is Brian Jordan Dating

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