Wagner Moura

Wagner Moura

Wagner Moura is currently Single and never been married.

Moura alderiva Wagner Moura’s mother, was a housewife. He was serving as a sergeant in the air force father Jose Moura.Wagner Moura Brazilian cinema, television and stage actor who is also Moura Wagner Wagner Moura the full name of Manitoba. Wagner Moura, tropa de Elite 2007 original SWAT capitao Nascimento is the name of the character portrayal in the film, there has been great interest in construction. The original name of the film in 2010 the second tropa de Elite 2: o Inimigo Agora e Outro with the name as SWAT 2 was published.

Elysium 2013 starring Matt Damon played by construction: New Paradise has taken a role in the movie. Wagner Moura, Elysium: a new sniper character in the movie Paradise revived. A media service provider over the Internet to viewers in the series of famous drug lord Pablo Escobar called narcos Netflix played. Wagner’s famous cocaine King Pablo Escobar Moura revive the life of the fan base has enjoyed a wide audience at a time.

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