Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham is married to David Beckham.

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  4. Victoria Beckham – David Beckham

His real name is Victoria Caroline Adams, Victoria Beckham, on April 17, 1974 in Harlow, Essex, was born in England. Jacqueline and Anthony Adams is the second child of three children of the couple. His father was an electronics engineer. Men Christian brothers and sisters are called to Lousiana. Victoria Beckham went to the St. Mary High School Cheshunt’. Laine Theatre Arts in Epsom who studied in the school district in Surrey Şehr 1991.

 Famous footballer David Beckham’s wife, a period that marked the 1990s and is known as the former Spice Girls member. Participated in 1994 to the original celebrity “Spice Girls” group to reach Victoria Beckham, then he wanted to start a solo career but his own hands careers sufficiently successful gitmeyince fashion in this area and into business by introducing at New York Fashion Week, the brand that bears his name.
Victoria Beckham agrees with Telstar Recordings in 2002 and begins the album preparation, but does not want to make a pop album, R & B and hip-hop wants to make an album in the style begins to work with this reason, producer Damon Dash. Let Your Head Go / This Groove takes place on the shelves in December 2003 and enters the list at number three. 2004 documentary The Real Beckhams are placed on the market with the name of a DVD. Let Your Head Go “and” This Groove “,” Resentment “,” That Dude “,” Me And You This Time “and” Valentine “also includes video of his song.

4 first child in March 1999 of “Brooklyn Joseph” I brought into the world. 4 months after birth 4 July, 1999, “David Beckham” was married. 2 sons of “Romeo James Beckham” was born on September 1, 2002. 3 sons, “Cruz David Beckham” was born in February of 2005. Born in Los Angeles on July 10, 2011. The girls’ Harper Seven Beckham “gave the name. The interpretation of the music career a failure destroys Victoria, British press also targets related to Victoria’s music. But Cathy Dennis and Victoria get back to work again with the song My Love Is For Real, but the author has not released Victoria’s third pregnancy because the song never released.

Victoria Beckham, Dolce & Gabbana and close friend, also took to the stage for the Roberto Cavalli. In 2004, mainly for Rock and Republic called VB Rocks prepare a collection of jeans.

For a short time makes the Modelling Rocawear, handbags and jewelry designs for a store called Samantha Thavas. Prepare named the DVB sunglasses collection in June 2006 and made plenty of the ads he designed glasses posing with the World Cup. Again named Intimately Beckham perfume for men and women in the same year is offered for sale.

Tom Cruise’s wife in February 2007 Oscar ceremony will design the outfits for Katie Holmes. Woman of the Year by Victoria Beckham same year the British Glamour magazine selected.

DVB has removed the brands from their names. Victoria Beckham, a jean fashion show and began to study fashion design perfume. He is currently serving in the United States.

Drawn five documentaries for Victoria. The first, on 11 January 2000 under one name only Victoria’s Secrets is published in England. Latter; Being taken in 2002 is called Victoria Beckham Mart tells the singer’s solo career. Third; Published on 24 December 2003 The Real Beckhams, David Beckham will play in Real Madrid pair due to take issues to move from London to Madrid. Fourth it was published on 28 May 2006; Full Length & Fabulous: The Party Victoria Beckham’s World Cup and a World Cup is a program describing how they responded Party David and the aim is to collect money for charities. The last one to be drawn up by NBC for six episodes of Beckham and Victoria Beckham going to America the subject areas: Coming to America is. This program shall be published in the July 16 2007 fairly criticized by the American press and the most watched (4.9 million, followed by the Americans) will be the third program. Although it is an hour and 6-part plan would be a one-off show. In Britain, it followed by 3.5 million people.

Victoria’s marriage to her music career, making it Britain’s 52 Richest Women. It is estimated that the total wealth of his wife £ 112 million.

July 12, 2007 in Victoria and David Beckham’s LA Galaxy team with David being transferred to the Los Angeles moved on. From the foot in America are followed by hundreds of paparazzi and right now I live in the 22 million dollar home in Beverly Hills.

Marriage to Victoria in 1997, begins to flirt with footballer David Beckham. January 24th 1998, David proposes marriage to Victoria and the couple’s first child; Brooklyn Joseph 4 comes into the world in March 1999. Double, 4 enter the world of Luttrellstown Castle in July 1999. The couple’s four month old son would ring bearer, wedding takes a lot of media coverage and the cost of the wedding is believed to be £ 500,000. Beckham, the second son, Romeo James Hotel 1 born in London in September 2002 and the couple’s third son Cruz David Beckham, 20 February 2005 is born in Madrid. Brooklyn and Romeo’s godfather and godmother of her daughter who is Elizabeth Hurley and Elton John’dur.4.Çocuk “Harper Seven Beckham” 10 July 2011 at Los Angeles came into the world.

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