Tyson Beckford

Tyson Beckford

According to our records Tyson Beckford is currently single.

  1. Tyson Beckford – Audrey Quock
  2. Tyson Beckford – Tatyana Ali
  3. Tyson Beckford – Bridget Hall
  4. Tyson Beckford – April Roomet
  5. Tyson Beckford – Nikki Giavasis
  6. Tyson Beckford – Niki Taylor
  7. Tyson Beckford – Tiffany Limos
  8. Tyson Beckford – Alicia Hall
  9. Tyson Beckford – Foxy Brown
  10. Tyson Beckford – Imogen Thomas
  11. Tyson Beckford – Shanina Shaik
  12. Tyson Beckford – CariDee English
  13. Tyson Beckford – Paige Butcher
  14. Tyson Beckford – Berniece Julien

Tyson Beckford Craig (born December 19, 1970) is an American model and actress, best known as a Ralph Lauren model. He is currently hosting the Bravo program.

Hey Good People smile ifade simgesi…Share Favorite MOvie Collections, finally found the link original Movie without register.

I love the pictures when you’re smiling. Your smile vs your “serious face” show a noticeable polarity to your character. More than I see in other people. Well, smiling or serious you wear it well!

I think he would look much sexier if he kept it trim and close to his face vs the way he has it now. The scruffy, mountain man look is so ugly on him… it hides those strong male features we like and love to see.

My Dearest Tyson, Why on earth do you put yourself through this scrutiny everyday? You must know people like myself are going to critique every photo. Not that there’s much to criticize, God gave you an extra helping of Gorgeous.
I know! I know, opinions are like assholes and everyone has one….
But I would just like to say when it comes to men wearing jewelry, less is always better! smile ifade simgesi
Getting back to my point, it seems as if you’re inviting at least a measured amount of criticism every time you post Beautiful You!
You must know by now that you can’t be everything to everybody right? To put yourself in a position for such jealous scrutiny each time you snap a selfie, seems pretty self castigating.
Then again, as a Model you’re probably use to being critiqued down to the smallest pimple on your ass! smile ifade simgesi
So, to answer my own question…..
I guess you have to be very self secure to deal with thousands of people voicing their opinion about who you are, what you wear and how you look.
Me? I already know I’m way too sensitive. Thus, I could never do what you do and I applaud your sense of self!

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