Tom Welling

Tom Welling

Tom Welling is currently single. He was married to Jamie White from 2002 to 2012.

Information about Tom Welling life. Tom Welling Pictures, Thomas John Patrick Welling April 26, 1977 in Putnam Valley New American actress.

* After graduation, he worked in construction until the modeling.
* Modeling was doing before acting.
* Ashton Kutcher had done with modeling but also close friends.
* Christopher Reeve as Clark Kent was not Superman fan so uplifting and did not read the Superman comics (The truth is still not read).
* His favorite reamers; Bob Saget Marlon Brando, Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, Christopher Walken, Steve Martin and Jerry Seinfeld.
* His favorite movie; Mutiny on the Bounty
* In 2001 People Magazine’s ‘New Breakthrough Players’ entry to the list.
* In real life super: bag in a mugging on the street where she helped the woman had stolen and fight the usurper. He looked at the woman who saved his bag; “You are really Superman,” says the woman just laughed.
* Gollum (Lord of the Rings) and can mimic the sound’s remarkable resemblance to Keanu Reeves.
* Young Clark Kent had accepted the role after refusing the offer twice.
* They live in Vancouver with her husband (a place near the Smallville series set).

Welcome to social media Tom. I see you are still as handsome as ever. I would love to see you in another CW show maybe Supergirl wink ifade simgesi even if it’s just as a special guest for a few episodes. We miss our Clark Kent!

Smallville was AWESOME. Had me glued to the tube through all the seasons. Was sorry to see it end. You were the best, glad to see you and hope we find you back in a reprise role of the man of steel.

Very happy to finally get Tom on facebook and instagram. My eternal Clark Kent and think I should have it you Faer Superman in cinema Man Of Steel and now Batman V Superman, not temho nothing against Henry Cavill but you for me is the Ka-El forever!

Finally I can tell you how much I appreciate your dedication and passion on Smallville. Thanks for ten amazing years and wonderful memories. You was the love of my adolescence and I hope can continue watching you in more projects. With all my admiration, an eternal fan who still loves you.

Welcome to facebook Tom welling.your my favorite actor.i loved smallville.I loved all the characters you portrayed on smallville like Clark Kent and bizarro and Clark luthor you were fantastic at that and the red kryptonite also.glad to see you back on tv and the movies.I’m from Chicago IL.I’m off to see the choice to night.I hope someday for you to make an appearance out here so i could finally meet you someday.I love you Tom.

hi tom! thanks for finally joining fb! ive been waiting for you to join. lexmas is still in my dvd player ill admit ive been too busy to switch it. i really liked hellcats, too bad it didnt make it frown ifade simgesi i liked parkland too although it was small screen time for you. havent seen the fog all the way through i know, im a chicken. take care

Welcome to Facebook Tom! Awesome to see you around and well!
Just started watching Smallville again, I have to do it from time to time, the serie is just too good and brings good memories.
Best wishes and blessings for you and your family!

i, welcome to facebook! I missed you after Smallville ended. That show used to be my homework on a Monday night instead of real hw! If I missed an episode I would feel like I didn’t have my morning tea or something! Have a great time!

It is wonderful to see you on Facebook! I have had the pleasure of meeting several Smallville cast and crew members. It would be awesome to one day have a chance to meet you too. Maybe something like a Smallville reunion panel at Dragon Con? Get to see everyone together again and learn all about what each person is doing now…There would be beyond great. Look forward to your posts and pictures.

With DC series all over the place right now you’d be perfect to come back as Superman. You wouldn’t say no to a guy in a wheelchair would ya?… I kidd of course.

So glad to see you “officially” on facebook. I have been a member of other facebook fan pages of yours. Glad you’re getting back in the game, we have missed you. And, like others have said, would love to see you in some capacity on Supergirl. I’d absolutely flip if you played Superman but if not possible, any cameo would be great.

Hi Tom!!! Huge, Huge FAN of yours!!! We have the Whole SMALLVILLE DVD COLLECTION and we still watch it from begining to end. Right now, My twin sons are on Season 6 smile ifade simgesi Glad to see ya online!! Hope you’re going to be in some upcoming projects soon! You’ve been missed!

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