Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks is married to Rita Wilson.

Who is Tom Hanks Thomas Jeffrey Hanks, 1956-born American actor and producer. Hanks has starred in several comedy and drama and family films before proving the success of an actor with two Oscars. At the same time one of the most winning player of all time.

Hanks, given by the American Film Institute “Lifetime Achievement Award” carries the title of being the youngest player in what has happened. Cleveland Indians baseball team and Aston Villa fans. Interested work closely with NASA’s space, or even a member of the National Space Society. Sister Sandra Hanks Benoiton a writer, a famous entomologist Lawrence Hanks and Jim Hanks is an actor and filmmaker, the other brother. 1.78 meters tall. Her favorite singers / groups are Elvis Presley, Patrick Rondat and Alabama Thunderpussy. Singer Bruce Springsteen’l close friend since youth. Her favorite movie is the 1968 “2001: A Space Odyssey”. Actors of 2007 and the movies that will be released in America in 2008 as follows: “The Great Buck Howard,” “Charlie Wilson’s War,” “Cold Case,” “Angels and Demons”, “Boone’s Lick” and “The Risk Pool “.

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