Taye Diggs

Taye Diggs

Taye Diggs is currently dating Amanza Smith Brown.

  1. Taye Diggs – Idina Menzel
  2. Taye Diggs – Amanza Smith Brown

Taye Diggs is an American actor known for his roles in the musical ‘Rent,’ in films such as ‘The Best Man Holiday’ and on television series like ‘Private Practice.’

Fans, made the following comment about him :

Would love to be able to share these books with my kiddos. Being a military teacher you meet children from every corner. Love being able to allow them to share their own special culture to everyone else.

Ohio would love to have you… I would say 99% of my friends have mixed kids…including myself…its great that you made a book regarding this subject… Good luck on rest of your adventures

At the moment… your beautiful picture really makes me miss my home in California. I miss the Southern California weather. Getting ready for a snow storm here in Wisconsin.

Poor baby! At least you’re dealing with your pain in a healthy way. Little one, you are an old soul. You are here to teach your daddy about how to be a man. You are beautiful, powerful and strong! Don’t ever forget it!

I understand where this little girl is coming from my husband left me and my 3 girls at such a young age it breaks my heart that some men will leave their beautiful babies but now I have a better man that took on the responsibility of helping me when their own father chose not to so cudos to all you good daddies out there.

What a great smile. Liked him from first time I saw him on soap opera Guiding light playing a record promoter with actress Tammy Blanchard. Love his smile!!!
Send for me pls let me chill with u! U don’t have 2 b Alone we can hold each other while we sleep I’m a lil Old Fashion! Give me a chance! I’m Praying for U!

Hi Taye Diggs! I love all of your movies! Sorry to say, but in this picture you look tired or drunk! Is that’s why you say you’re chilin?
We just received Mixed Me in the mail today, what a great book!! So glad we own it & my girls loved the story!!!

Your son is half black honey..i understand..deal with it..look at him…he’ll be treated as a black man..I guarantee you. Sorry.Your son has as much or more African American features than my children who are completely black. I understand your point but YOU need to understand he will be perceived in America as a black man. Sorry.

Me me me I am from Bali island with cultural anthropology background loves southern style foods collar green,orca macaroni& fried chicken Iam African American soul mind and spirits loveit.
I’m a MixMe my father is African American and Indian my mother is Mexican, mixed with two Indian Tribes, a dash of White ( French ). And married for 29 yrs w/32yr relationship husband is African American and Indian. Well that’s Me and Love it ! #LOVE! #HUGS! #BLESSINGS!!
I would rock a T with my whole interracial family, and it doesn’t matter how society may perceive you, you no what and who you r and no one can take that away.

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