Shakira is currently dating Gerard Piqué.

Shakira is a Colombian mother was born on February 2, 1977, in Columbia, the daughter of an American father. He began writing poetry only four years old. He lost his brother at a young age and his poems turned into songs. The first song he wrote to his brother who died.

12-year-old was born and began to dance country. The turning point of his life began with a meeting with producer Monica Ariza. 14-year-old released his first album, but the album was below expectations. 20 Years “Vina Del Mar International” has participated in the festival competition. The famous singer Ricky Martin was one of the contest’s judges. Shakira finished first in this contest. Quickly it became known after this contest. Shakira speaks fluent English and Portuguese as their language is other than Spanish.

  1. Shakira – Gerard Pique
  2. Shakira – Antonio de la Rua

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