Rupert Friend

Rupert Friend

Rupert Friend is engaged to Aimee Mullins.

  1. Rupert Friend – Keira Knightley
  2. Rupert Friend – Aimee Mullins

Rupert Friend British male is a movie player. The best-known roles as Mr. Wickham in pride and prejudice, the boy in the striped pajamas Lieutenant Kotler and the role of Prince Albert in young Victoria.

dear Mr. Rupert Friend..after watching the film agent 47, all relatives and friends say that I am very similar to You..I would like to know Your assessment and opinion..after you look at the photo…but I don’t know where to send You photo, For earlier very grateful to You!

You are the most remarkable actor ever! Biggest mistake if Homeland killed Quinn, the most interesting character on that show. Approachable, mysterious, integrity, dependable, heroic, empathetic, charming, like Robin Hood meets Kris Kyle. Everyone else is cliche. Over the holidays decided to lock at “HOMELAND”. Never looked at it before. Yes had me not sleeping looking at season after season. Give this an A+ I was on edge of my seat from start to finish. Hoping that Quinn is alive, he brings an electricity to the show along with Carry. Kudoos to the producers and all who made this show possible. Looking forward to the next season. Happy new year to all.

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