Pixie Lott

Pixie Lott

Pixie Lott is in a long-term relationship with Oliver Cheshire.

Birth Name: Victoria Louise Lott
Date of Birth: January 12, 1991
Birthplace: London, England
Parents: Beverley Lott
Height: 1.73 m
Education: Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts
Origin: United Kingdom English
Occupations: Singer, songwriter, producer, dancer, actress
Style: pop, soul
Instruments: vocal, piano
Years active: 2007-present.

Victoria Louise Lott Pixie Lott Pixie London January 12, 1991 British singer-songwriter, dancer and actress. The first single, Mama Do Uh Oh, come on the market in June 2009 and in the Uk signle Charter te has risen to number one. In addition, the second single from Boys and Girls were issued in September of the same year peak in the United Kingdom list. Is the debut album Turn It Up was released in September 2009 in the United Kingdom rose to sixth place in the album charts. In addition, the second album Young Foolish Happy was made October 14, 2011 to enter the market. All About Tonight, the first song of the album was also settled in England first order. Lott also named in the program in a live performance and its reputation in the style of The X Factor took part as guest judges.
Brentwood Essex te stock broker father and a housewife mother, who herself grew up with a great girl and a brother. His mother had named him like a fairy Pixie name because according to her mother, and a sweet little baby.
Lott, southeast was born in Bromley, near London. Brentwood, Essex with his father, a stock broker, a housewife and mother who herself is a great girl and I grew up with a brother. Her mother Pixie (fairy) put his name because, according to her mother like a fairy and a sweet little baby. 13 years old his family moved to Brentwood. Not all of the ‘A’ would take.

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