Martina McBride

Martina McBride

Martina McBride is married to John McBride.

Country singer Martina McBride got her start opening for Garth Brooks in the 1990s and quickly became one of the most successful female country singers of all time.

Born in Kansas in 1966, country singer Martina McBride got her big break when Garth Brooks, for whom her husband worked on a sound crew, gave her an opening slot on his concert tour in 1990. She became highly successful and her songs topped country charts for the next fifteen years.

Early Career

Country music singer. Born Martina Mariea Schiff on July 29, 1966, in Sharon, Kansas. Growing up on a dairy farm alongside two brothers and a sister, Martina became interested in country music through her father’s local band, The Schiffters. Martina eventually joined the band, playing keyboard and singing with other members of her family at local gigs around town. After graduating from high school in a class of nine students, Martina headed to a local college before realizing that she was more interested in a career in music. In 1987, Schiff met local sound engineer John McBride, and the couple became engaged shortly after meeting. They moved to Nashville in 1990 to pursue careers in music.

Martina McBride – John McBride

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