Luis Suarez

Luis Suarez

Luis Suarez since 2009, is married to Sofia Balbi. There is a happy life.

Luis Alberto Suárez and Sofia Balbi

Luis Alberto Suárez Díaz (b. January 24, 1987, Salto) Uruguayan National football.

When Luis Suarez was born ?, what date and where
Luis Suarez What is the national team and nationality? Which is a citizen of the country? What Race ?,
Luis Suarez career of football clubs and national team career,
Luis Suarez country where, height How much weight ?,
Luis Suarez which is playing in the region, located where? Do striker, defender Does midfield m, is right-back, is left-back, is a STOPRA, is striker, striker Is ?,
Luis Suarez scored many goals, how many goal for the national team, has made many assists?

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