Lily Allen

Lily Allen

Lily Allen is married to Sam Cooper.

Famous comedian Keith Allen and producer Alison Owen II’s daughter, the young singer Lily Allen was born in England on May 2, 1985 due to the departure of the mother and father of a 5 year old age 14 to 13 to a different school, Lily, Ibiza itself producer Futura Cut’l to tanıştırıcak meets George Lamb’l.
By installing first Warner Music’l short-term deal Allen at the end of 2005 Regal Records, with the agreement signed Allen he wrote songs website MySpace ?? e in November ?? s in 2005, it was discovered by many people along with visitor numbers growing day by day website. It was appreciated by everyone. ?? “The Observer A ‘was released a short interview. Immediately after this, the first single ?? ?? LDN was played on BBC Radio One.
Thursday nights for 4 weeks in May in London Notting Hill Arts Club took the stage.

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