Kesha is currently dating Brad Ashenfelter.

What is the real name Kesha? The artist was known by her real name Kesha name is Kesha Rose Sebert.

What is the nickname of Kesha? Kesha’s best-known pseudonyms K-Money and Ka-Dollarsign-ha.

Who is Kesha? Kesha briefly American singer, songwriter and rapper is.

Kesha able to play musical instruments are available? Musical instruments like guitar and piano can play a good level of Kesha. It took place in the school band singer in a successful school year. He learned to play the trumpet and saxophone.

When Kesha was born? Kesha is a young artist born in 1987. Kesha’s birth date is March 1, 1987.

What is Kesha’s your sign? Kesha’s sign is fish.

What is Kesha’s religion? Kesha has no explanation yet as to which religion he practiced. However, previous life today affects talented artists believed Hindu / Buddhist faith, which is a mixture of the belief in karma has made several statements indicating reference.

Kesha is from? Kesha is an American. Kesha’s family in the Polish and Hungarian ones are. The famous artist was born in the United States connected to the city of Los Angeles in California.

Kesha, which studied in school? Kesha Franklin High School and studied in high school like Brentwood High School but did not graduate from this school. The famous American music producer Dr. Luke and Max Martin Kesha age of 17 have an offer. Kesha wants to focus on music completely binary. This is the reason school leaving Kesha coming years could receive a high school diploma.

  1. Kesha – Adam Lambert
  2. Kesha – Alex Carapetis
  3. Kesha – Faheem Najm
  4. Kesha – Brad Ashenfelter

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