Katherine McNamara

Katherine McNamara

According to our records Katherine McNamara is currently single.

Height : 164 cm
Hair Color : Red
Citizenship : American
Soubriquet : Katie-Mac,Kat,Katie Mac,Kat McNamara
Occupation : Actress , Singer , Model
Fame : New Year’s Eve
Katherine McNamara – Joel Courtney

Anyone else noticed that Jace holds Clarys hand when the wolves are fighting for Alpha? I rewound it twice to make sure ^^ they are big hand holders, already thought that in the City of Bones. smile ifade simgesi Jace can’t resist, loved his point of view of the greenhouse scene where he thinks about it and “finally gets it”.

Loving it so far! I always go back and rewatch each episode. I’m so excited to see the shadowhunters come to life on screen. Character development and relationships are coming together so well! Thanks!

You, my dear, are being amazing! Brazilian people (and I, of course) love you and the serie!!!! I Really can’t wait for the next episode!!!!!!!

I just hope you improve your acting. I can’t see Clary’s sarcasm in you, honestly. And also Alec. He was really terrible on the last episode, was it the Dead Man’s Party? His acting didn’t compliment with the scene. His and your acting lack something. I hope you guys would able to read this and take effort to try. The flow of the story is perfectly fine. Just the acting. Because really, I’m not only after with the story. But also, with the actors on how they portray their role esp. that this is based on one of my favorite series. So, that’s all. Thank you! XOXO
ey kathrine I loved this new episode and I am excited to see the 6 episode (:all of this episodes are amazeing (:I will always support u guys as characters I will always be a number 1 fan to u guys (:all of u are amazeing clary jace simon isabelle alec luke.

seriously i ve been waiting to see simon turning into a vampire, its taking too long i want to see clary’s reaction ! this episode was really weak squint ifade simgesi and short.

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