Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake is married to Jessica Biel. Justin Timberlake is married to Jessica Biel, they have been married for 3 years (since 19th October, 2012).

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Justin Timberlake lost his sister at a young age and did not get it from the effects of long duration. Timberlake began singing at an early age, began his career of Mickey Mouse is entering into a children’s club. Yet the club has entered the age of 12, along with Ryan Gosling popular actresses of that era now ‘Cry For You’ is the song said.

In 1995, ‘N Sync’ is taking place opened its doors in the band’s fame. The group achieved sales of close to 60 million worldwide. at about the same time acting talent with Justin Timberlake, Against Time, Get Smart and starred in many famous films such as Love everywhere. Justin finally came home with Jessica Biel and double the world in 2012, had a son recently.

That was awesome Garth Brooks happy birthday Justin may God bless you with many more love ya and Garth.

Looks like you’ve got friends in HIGH places! It’s also my Army boy’s 23 birthday so I had to wish him a happy one before I came over to your page. I’m sure you understand. Happy Birthday, you talented young man!
Veronica Paredez I just got off the phone with the happiest little 12 year old who just Won tickets to Garth Brooks!! lol I’ll never forget the day you called the radio station and you were caller 7 ( or whatever number) and you were screaming jumping up and down! My country girl sister!! Lol remember…?
That’s so wicked, I know that warmed your heart! Aside from your video on you tube with Chris Stapleton, your one with Garth coming on stage at your concert is one of my favorites! Loved seeing pure joy across your face and you jumping up and down while playing your guitar! I was beyond excited to get tickets to see Garth in Ottawa in April, crossing another great off my list! Can you please come to play in Ottawa soon so I can cross another off my list! Happy belated JT!

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concert today is tutti-frutti song’s, blue suede shoes, mystery train, all shook up, that’s allright mamma, don’t cry daddy, suspicious mind, bluemoon of kentucky, it’s now or never, hound dog, now & then there’s a fool such as i, love me tender

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Happy birthday Justin Randal Timberlake!! have a great birthday with your great family! Don’t let the baby have to much cake!!Can’t wait til your back on tour!! philly misses you!

Happy Birthday dude. You share the same birthday as the love of my life Kevin. He is Looking down upon us showering us with every day blessings! Make this a memorable day.

Happy Birthday JT!!!! I’ve been loving for a long time when you were ‘N Sync, and love you forever!! You always make me fun. Have a great year and I wish your life is full of hope!!!!

Happy Birthday Mr. Timberlake, enjoy every moment of your life, not going back, mistakes are mistakes, they cannot be changed, just pray about it and the next moment will be better and filled with many more special blessings.

Any one that knows me knows I love JT, my blood pressure machine is named Justin Timberlake even has a bow tie, rolls with me from room to room taking vitals, Happy birthday JT

Happy birthday Justin. I can’t believe it your 35 year old. We want the next album please. I know you are a dad looking after your son. And your wife love you. I want that cocktail of yours so bad I.m so jealous I so want that drink so much.

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