Josh Holloway

Josh Holloway

Josh Holloway is married to Yessica Kumala.

Who is Josh Holloway, Josh Holloway, 1969 American series and film actress. Holloway, ABC aired the first season of 12 branches in the Emmy Award-nominated portrayal in shows Lost, James ‘Sawyer’ Ford is known for his character.

Josh Lee Holloway was born in Silicon Valley as the second of four sons of the family on July 20, 1969. Family of the Blue Ridge Mountains-two years old he moved to Georgia Holloway, became interested in the theater at a young age. At the end of the first year but entered the University of Georgia, he quit school and started modeling. Holloway is a successful model, so he traveled around Europe and North America.
After a while, he dragged passion for acting and Dr. Holloway in Los Angeles Benny got a role on the comedy series. Mi Amigo, Moving Agustina and has starred in movies and Cold Heart. Finally, David Keith and John Rhys-Davies’l starred with the Sci-Fi Channel movie Sabretooth ‘drew attention.
Also Good Girls Do not …, NCIS, Walker, Texas Ranger, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, and appearing in movies and TV series such as Angela Holloway, then Aerosmith Cryin ‘took part in the video of the song and called the restaurant Diner Alicia Silverstone’s purse He played but caught a thief trying to steal beaten. In 2003 That ’70s Show from the series “The Girl I Love” in the section entitled’ Warren ‘played a role, but that role was not worth the praise.
In January 2006, In Touch by the magazine US magazine Weekly ‘Hottest Hunk’ (made-bodied, sexy male) selected Holloway in the same month, ‘OK!’ Sexiest 17 men in the world by British readers of the magazine has been selected.
Holloway, who is married, he stopped an armed robbery on October 12, 2005 at home with his wife Yessica by morning. The robbers after receiving the couple’s cash and credit cards Holloway’s Mercedes-Benz brand with the car fled the scene. A short time later found abandoned car but although evidence about what they know and do not know who the person robbing the robber was not found.
Hobbies rowing, sailing, snowboarding, martial arts, motocross and play the guitar and saying that ‘I enjoy beer’ greatest invention of all time, according to Holloway said of distilled alcohol.
Josh Holloway is expected to be released in 2007 and the film adaptation of a video game expected to play Comman & Conquer 3.

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