Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba is married to Cash Warren.

Who is Jessica Alba? Jessica Alba briefly famous American Hollywood star and model. “Dark Angel” and “Sin City” is known to play with different sounds like that movie. Gold Through successful actor Jessica Alba has been nominated to Globe Award won numerous prestigious awards. At the same time modeling career also took a big Jessica Alba who was 25. Magnum brand face chosen for the year 2014. The famous fashion icon Jessica Alba and is considered the future of Turkey recently.

Jessica Alba was born when? Jessica Alba is an actress born in 1981. Jessica Alba’s birth date is April 28, 1981. Jessica Alba is 33. How old is the 2014 answer to the question. What is Jessica Alba’s your sign? Jessica Alba is a bullish sign.

Jessica Alba’s brief life was how famous? Jessica Alba was born in California. Jessica Alba’s mother and father were married at a very young age. Jessica Alba is not yet 5 years old herself a “feminist” and that his interest in acting was described as that begins in this period. Jessica Alba and her father’s career in the air force and hence with his family in Mississippi and finally had to live in states like California, Texas and returned to the city where he was born again at the age of 9. Successful players up to the age of 17 brothers lived next to the grandmother and grandfather with Joshua.

Jessica lived many physical ailments since their teens were spent in the fight against childhood diseases Alba. Twice regional lung problems, pneumonia four or five times a year, once appendicitis and once because of a cyst formed in the tonsils ill therefore remain separate from other children have often lived attached to the hospital. Also since there are successful models of childhood asthma disorders and obsessive compulsive disorder.

The dream of becoming an actress since childhood, Jessica Alba, 12-year-old first acting experience “Camp Nowhere” name that lived by taking a small role in the film 16 years, while known for the theatrical activities “Atlantic Theater Company,” to have participated. Then in television commercials and short films he has been playing as a child star. In 1994 he began to take part in the television series. In 1999, “Idle Hands” one of the film’s main character is named “Molly” and has managed to attract attention. Then a year later, “Dark Angel” name that has begun to be recognized by the masses acting on the two years of successful science fiction series.
“Honey,” “Sin City” and “Fantastic Four” with acclaimed performances in films like Jessica Alba was able to announce the name of the modeling career outside of acting.

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  4. Jessica Alba – Cash Warren

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