Jake Gyllenhaal

Jake Gyllenhaal

Jake Gyllenhaal is rumored to be dating Ruth Wilson.

Jake Gyllenhaal’s father in December 1980, the director and screenwriter, was born in the United States as his mother’s son. During his study acting halted nearly two years of university education for his career. First, 10 years old “city slickers and” began taking acting role in his film. In 2002, she starred in “Moonlight” movie diary records did not last long diffracted by Jake worldwide recognition. Two years after “The Day After Tomorrow” with Emmy Rossum he shared the lead role in his film acting.

Jake comes from a family familiar with cinema, then the fame that short period of time he lived for a while as the players draw with Reese Witherspoon. Celebrity couple for a long time in the top corner of the magazine generous to the news, they decided to leave after three years. By MTV Movie Awards in 2006 for “Best Performance” award and also won the Academy Award for “Best Supporting Actor” he was nominated for display. The famous actor Dan Gilroy wrote and directed 2014’s “Night Highlight the” portrayed movie character Louis.

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