Idris Elba

Idris Elba

Idris Elba is currently dating Naiyana Garth.

  1. Idris Elba – K. Michelle
  2. Idris Elba – Kim Elba
  3. Idris Elba – Naiyana Garth

Battery idrissa “Idris” Elba 6 September 1972 is a British-born British actor, producer, singer, rapper, and DJ.
Idris Elba to the battery, English actor and singer. Was born and raised in canning town town, East London area. The first role is recreated in the film a distinguished range of Family Affairs. Baltimore drug boss in the HBO series the wire, which is then one of Russell “Stringer” Bell, the character revived.

Very classy acceptance speech, Idris Elba. You hit on the subject that needed to be addressed (diversity) & gave a shout out for your kids. Still waiting for more episodes of Luther here in the U.S. but they say patience is a virtue…right??

Congratulations Idris! I feel so lucky to have enjoyed all the characters you have played over the years. This win was well deserved and here is to more accolades in the future. Well done luv!

Well what dose it have to take to speak up for one self and fir the diversity, there should be more people like you to open doors for people, diversity like us specially an one a be actor and being an afro decedent.

I’m gonna watch the next Bond movies, only if you’re in them (or someone on your level of badassness, but most fall short in that category, so they should just pick you).

Hi Idriss Elba,
Been a long time to get in touch with you but I don’t know how due to the fact that I know your late Dad Abu Elba who was my classmate and a very good friend of mine in Yengema Kono in Sierra Leone and I am like a family member to all the Elba Family. Please keep in touch. I am your friend on Facebook.

Congratulations Idris. You’re one of the few actors who naturally command attention. When you are on the screen I don’t really notice anyone else. Your presence is mesmerising (could also be the fact that you’re so damn sexy)

You have just been added to the history books (the first black actor to win 2 SAG Awards in one night). I truly believe it could not have been afforded to any other actor than you. Your humility, modesty and pure just down to earth personality will shine the way for other actors of color to file suit. Thanks so very much. You deserve these awards and so much more. Keep up the good work.

Awesome! Idris Elba you’ve done excellent work as an artist. You’re deserving of the accolades bestowed on you for the artistry presented in each role you’ve betrayed on screen.

I’m overjoyed for both of your SAG Awards and all your successes. I was home cheering your accomplishments….so happy for you and so well deserved. I love the Luther series (can’t get enough) and looking forward to seeing Beasts of No Nation…..missed it in the theater. Idris Elba, your daughter is beautiful!

Can’t repeat what I have read on here, but to say Idris if I may be so bold,
Not only do you look good in your stocking feet, you are a Man, allow me to explain, I have watched with excitement your career, you have harnessed your craft, your vision has firmly placed your talent on a world wide stage.
For me every time I view you on our set, in a Film, Drama, TV Commercial or chat show host Interview, what gets me every time, is your humidity to be a genuine, feet firmly grounded and the charm, wit charismatic Man that we see, your dynamic to watch.
May I applaud you, personally and I wish you every accolade that is heading your way.
I don’t want other comparisons of you, to other undeniable Actors.
But to wish you every opportunity to have roles that shows your depth, many called but only a few are chosen.
Your visionary is Breathtaking, I wish you many more, Congratulations well deserved.

Congratulations!! Well deserved! I just finished binge watching The Wire and Luther. Recently watched Beasts of No Nation and Sometimes in April. And a fav that I’ve watched countless times, Daddy’s Little Girls. I could go on but I think you can tell that I am a fan of all of your work. Waiting to see you as the next Bon.

Big fan of your work! I never actually saw Luther until last year! “I haven’t seen it!” “What you mean you haven’t seen it?!” Sky reference there.. Hehe anyways keep doing what you do best! I can tell you’re a very grounded individual who takes his work seriously and that shows through man! I will follow and support your work wherever it leads. P.S beast of no nations was amazing!

Many congratulations Mr Elba on your deserved awards and the rest of your achievements . It just shows if you truly believe in your dreams and you work hard they really can happen .you are an inspiration to many who may be thinking of abandoning their dreams and you are a great role model to many .May your success continue and may your positive influence and tenacity have a great impact on others for the future.

Just seen ‘Beasts of no nation’ last night & it was such a gripping film. Very upsetting but great acting all round Watching you looking all dirty and unshaven was very satisfying until the disturbing scene when you asked the main boy if he could keep a secret.

Congratulations you deserve more.
Now I would love to see him as 007 James Bond because he has everything needed but one thing… he needs to clean up from the inside till his eyes are the reflection of health. He needs a professional groomer.

God sees, hears all !!!!. God is certainly working, breaking chains !!!!! I can honestly say as well you’re one of the actors who takes his job seriously. You just keep to yourself as. You’re not all out there. Youre all about focus !! Well deserved awards. Not one but 2 !!! Wishing you many more blessings.

I love, love, love you!! Luther was so good!! I binge-watched them all in one weekend. Awesome show! You are very talented and deserve to be awarded for your endeavors. You are how I picture my James Bond! Congratulations Mr. Elba!!

I was introduced to your powerful acting in “Sometimes in April”. I saw all of your work since then, Exceptional. Oscars- bah, James Bond? Too much talent in a total package. You rock.

Congratulations well deserved. Your one of the best actors and an inspiration to us all , your movies , tv shows , are phenomenal and I wish you all the luck now in the future with your career and we look forward to seeing more of your movies , and many more well deserved awards .

You are great at what you do and i mean No offence when i say…but why didnt young Abraham get one. On the whole Oscar thing the only performance ive seen so far that deserves an Oscars is his. What a tough role for such a young actor yet executed perfectly.

Congratulations Idris!!! I’m so excited for you. Although delayed, your ship has finally arrived. We the many fans, recognized your many talents long ago. it’s great to see you receive the accolades you are so deserving of. Can’t wait for your next project, You are my all time favorite..Well done Sir!

Well done dude! I take the BAFTAS didn’t “have a dream this year”. You’ll probably get an Oscar next year for a film and it will be a double whammy. Like the year Halle Berry and Denzel Washington won. Denzel should of won the year before for Hurricane. ( in my opinion) . Your true accolade of sucess is your fans and we love you here in blighty. You’ll probably have to take Cuba Gooding with you to auditions to ask the question though. Well done. You better be doing a Luther Christmas special, can’t believe you killed Alice off. Enjoy. If you see the girls on your travels in the USA, please give UZO ADUBA, Kerry Washington and Shonda Rhimes ’nuff love. They are my American idols at the mo keeping it real.

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