Gwendoline Christie

Gwendoline Christie

According to our records Gwendoline Christie is currently single.

Brienne had very little choice for the character and the character Gwendoline was one of the most loyal fans in the wake of Gwendoline in the file names were fabricated in this role. Despite this, very little is taken by about a magazine about the player known took place photos and comments.

‘Gwendoline, one is really good. Everybody knows him as Brienne character in the series, but that his role in a much larger one in real life. Quite large, Gwendoline with a nice personality, stuck a bit old-fashioned in terms of attractiveness. Has very good manners and whatever the opposite, it feels like someone important. He was very entertaining, witty and warm … No one wears one of Gwendoline in the mask of the past, it shows the charm of a woman warrior shoes with pointed nose. Not uncomfortable with nudity, quite comfortable and gives the impression of a full professional model. Incredibly long and still prefers to wear platform shoes because he does not demoralize said about the appearance. ”

Gwendoline Christie – Giles Deacon

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