Emmy Rossum

Emmy Rossum

Emmy Rossum is engaged to Sam Esmail, they have been engaged for 4 months (since August, 2015).

  1. Emmy Rossum – David Wildenstein
  2. Emmy Rossum – Topher Grace
  3. Emmy Rossum – Milo Ventimiglia
  4. Emmy Rossum – Chris Evans
  5. Emmy Rossum – Justin Siegel
  6. Emmy Rossum – Adam Duritz
  7. Emmy Rossum – Tyler Jacob Moore
  8. Emmy Rossum – Sam Esmail

The Unknowns About Emmy
*Nicknames em, Emmy, and Grey. But her real name is Emmanuelle Grey Emmy are using.

*Emmy is of Hebrew origin.

*His father originated in England and the Netherlands. His mother’s family one of the Russian Jews.

*Emmy’s parents divorced when he was young, and Emmy doesn’t have a brother. His father was a banker and his mother a corporate photographer.

*Reading, Horse riding and Ballet and loves to dance.

*Favorite sports English-style horseback riding, ice skating and swimming.

*Is a big fan of Audrey Hepburn.

*2004 “best young actress” award.

*By acting in the Phantom of the opera was nominated for a Golden Globe.

*So far, 13 received the award, and 7% won. At 6% The Phantom of the Opera, and 1% came from the performance in songcatcher movie.

*Emmy-term vegetarian.

*If you can be an astronaut or an actress that wasn mathematician says.

*Favorite book is John Steinbeck’s “of mice and Men (of mice and men” novel.

*Emmy’s favorite movies secrets and lies/secrets&lies and the secrets of Los Angeles/L. A Confidential.

*Emmy, is a celiac. So, can’t eat anything that contains gluten or wheat.

*Was a biter when I was little, but left a result of his mother’s warnings.

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